Mike Curtiss (11 Nov 2010)
""He was struggling in his campaign. Lord Hanuman did it for him,""

Lord Hanuman did it for Obama?
Press Trust of India
Thursday, November 06, 2008 7:44 PM (New Delhi)

Was Lord Hanuman behind the stupendous victory of Barack Obama in the US presidential polls?

One may not be sure, but AICC member Brij Mohan Bhama, who in June had sent a statue of Hanuman to Obama, strongly believes that to be the case.

Bhama, who is an avid fan of the Democrat leader, now hopes to see the idol he gifted to Obama in the White House as he feels it will bring prosperity to the next US President.

"Lord Hanuman's blessings turned him victorious. If he chooses to install the statue at the White House, it will bring prosperity to him and to the world through his policies," Bhama said a day after Obama's historic White House triumph.

After discovering Obama's penchant for a "monkey-god" as circulated by media reports, Bhama held a special puja at the Sankatmochan Dham, which was attended by a US Democrat representative Caroline Mars.

A two-feet high gold-plated statue of Hanuman, weighing 15 kgs, was then gifted to Obama, who promised to install it in his chamber.

"He could not accept the gift at that time because of a US law forbidding him from receiving an over $10 worth of overseas gift.

During a conversation with me, he promised to accept it once he was elected President," Bhama claimed.

The first Afro-American President-elect of America was then running a bitter primary battle with rival Hillary Clinton, whom he later vanquished on his way to the White House before defeating Republican rival John McCain.

"He was struggling in his campaign. Lord Hanuman did it for him," said Bhama.