Mike Curtiss (1 Nov 2010)
"Obama's to Visit Tomb of Moslem Mughal"

Dear Doves,

           Much speculation about the true religion of Hussein has captivated those watching our poly-theistic President. He tries to be all things to all people's. After much subterfuge, the official itinerary released Friday shows that Hussein will visit the tomb of Moslem Mogul Emperor Humaymun in India.
           This remains in keeping with the thoughts of the American people. Survey's taken in September show that a majority of American's believe that Hussein's a Moslem. Earlier this year cancellation of a trip to Sikh temple was cancelled over the President's requirement to cover his head before entering a Sikh temple. Christian's can wear something as basic as a baseball cap. Moslems however are required to don traditional islamic head garb. Hussein's cancellation of his trip to the Sikh temple sends a strong signal to the world's moslems. Hussein's declaring his true faith for all the world to see.


                                                     Mike Curtiss