Michael Colunga (24 Nov 2010)
"Dream of Jesus"

Hello, John and Doves,
Dawn, I want to confirm your spiritual impression about the number, "2."
For a couple of years now, I have felt the God was instituting a "bifurcation" of humanity.
It is not finished yet, because not everyone has made their definite decision--one way, or the other.
When that happens, then the Rapture will happen on schedule--on Plan A, I might add.
We all have been defining what Plan A is, whenever we pray for the lost.
Soon, we will all know that we have done as much as we could, without transgressing the
free will of our neighbors, family, etc.
Soon, He will come for us.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Dawn Dominick (23 Nov 2010)
"Dream of Jesus"

Hello Doves.....

I had an incredible dream/vision in the wee hours of 11/22 about Jesus.  I have never had a dream quite like this one.  I wasn't going to post it because there have been so many dreams posted lately, I wasn't sure anyone would want to read another one!  :-)   However, after reading about Valerie's dream....it was so similar to mine, I thought maybe it could be an encouragement to everyone.  So here goes:

I dreamt that I opened a door and on the other side, maybe about 75 feet away, I saw Jesus and the hosts of heaven (as far as the eye could see) standing there!  There was all this bright, bright, white light, so I couldn't see their features really.  Jesus was holding out His hand toward me, and I said "Jesus!"  as I went toward Him.  I thought he was going to take me in the Rapture.  :-)   

Then the scene switched, and I was seeing Him as He looked when they took Him down from the cross.  Still with all the bright white light around.  He was loosely wrapped with a white sheet, but I could see His upper body and the muscles of His arms and all--even His face a little bit.  I just felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude and said, "Oh I love you Jesus."   Then it ended (bummer)!

Oh, I also got the distinct impression of the number 2, which in Biblical numerology is symbolic of separation, division, sometimes deliverance, etc.  And funny how the dream was on 11/22.  I think it was a "sign" that we are soon outta here!

Maranatha!  See y'all in the air!

YSIC  Dawn