Michael Colunga (23 Nov 2010)
"Re: Chris K: "to all doves""

Hello, John and Doves,
Hello, Chris.
As regarding the Moon and polyhedrons, consider the art of M.C. Escher.
He is known for prints of impossible structures, such as, "Belvedere."
He is also known for his endless staircases, as in "Ascending, Descending."
Concerning the significance of your dream, you might do two things:
    1.    First, look up the word, "Tesseract" in Wikipedia, say.
    2.    Second, try to find the story by Robert Heinlein, "And He Built a Crooked House."
In HaShem, with whom nothing is impossible,
Mike C.
Chris K (22 Nov 2010)
"to all doves"

Hello doves  and thank you for all the wonderful fellowship,
  First off I've been reading the 5 doves letters for years with only one attempt at posting, so it takes extra effort for me to reveal what I know came from the Lord. I've had many dreams over the years which I knew were from our heavenly Father, but none I felt compelled to share...I've received no word from the Lord on this matter one way or the other, so, I shall share one that seems to have a collective significance.
  Late in April of 2010 I had a dream that I was a caregiver for an elderly man(an occupation I held back in the 90's). Early one evening a man came into the house where I was working and asked if I had seen the lunar eclipse that was taking place right at that moment, I immediately said that I wanted to and went outside and looked up to what, I think, was the eastern sky. The appearance of the eclipse was a bit odd and didn't seem right to me. There was a circular shadow on the face of the full moon, maybe about a third or a quarter of the size of the moon itself, which I knew wasn't the normal appearance of an eclipse....and right about then the motion of the moon(in its transit) seemed to speed up and move forward rapidly. As I watched, the moon became engulfed or covered by what appeared to be an enormous polyhedron (I'm not sure which type, there are so many different types) that were covered with some type of hieroglyphs or lettering of some sort. The colors were magenta's, purples and oranges and the whole thing was moving in and out of itself, like some kind of device or machine Quite beautiful to look at and it looked kind of familiar, perhaps I have seen something like it in a drawing or artwork as a child. Anyway, my impression of it was that it was not real, perhaps a holographic projection or the like. But, it covered the entire moon as if it were a shroud or covering and kept moving. End of dream.
  Normally I wouldn't share such a seemingly abstract dream as this, but, the recent talk of portals and the gulf of Aden and other connected events around the world, such as blue moons and the use of the term "polyhedron"(a term I could not remember till I watched a video about the portal in the gulf of Aden) in connection to all this made it seem somehow pertinent.
  I apologize if this has a sort of "new age" connotation to it, I am faithful in Christ and believe in the absolute veracity of His word(with no mixing allowed). This dark time we live in has so many bizarre facets to it, its difficult to relate to it sometimes.
  I thank you for this site. It is the first place I come to every morning for words from my fellows in the Lord. GLORY TO HIS NAME, Yeshuah.
                                                                                    your brother, Chris K 
Welcome to the Doves, Chris!