Michael Colunga (20 Nov 2010)

Hello, John and Doves,
This is the Word of the LORD.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Mary Adams (19 Nov 2010)

As my thoughts and prayers were of the coming Thanksgiving which will mostly be a time of feasting, ball games, and family getting together, I recalled the story of the Pilgrims who came together to worship and thank the Lord for their first harvest in a new country.  They had left all
to live in a strange land that promised freedom and liberty to worship God.  They knew they owed all to His taking them across the Atlantic safely. 
Then the Lord spoke this to my heart: 
"My children: Without Me you can do nothing. 
Never have I overlooked My pledge to honor those that honor Me.  Your forefathers were recipients of the great freedom and liberty I accomplished for them because of their acknowledgement of My name.   Your great country became blessed, but only because of a people determined to walk in My ways and who knew they must teach their children to never forsake Me, the source of every good and perfect gift. During the centuries that followed them, I raised up great leaders, gave wisdom and laws such as none have ever come from the minds of men. I built a Godly nation to carry My gospel to the world.  I preserved it in times of war, forgave and received its sincere repentings when they stumbled, gave revival again and again and prospered it to become the greatest, most blessed in all the world.  
Yet at this very hour I have once again become "despised and rejected and acquainted  with grief"  just as my prophet spoke of what also happened two-thousand years before.
You now look in every direction, try every suggestion of man, yet your problems overwhelm your thinking because you have not made My thoughts your thoughts.  You reject My thoughts because they appear foolish to you. Yet have I not said that I have chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise?  No carnal mind can ever understand them, only those who seek Me for answers and obey what I say. Did not Joseph tell Pharaoh that interpretations belong to Me and immediately gave Pharaoh the answers to his two dreams?  It was because Joseph walked in My ways. His thoughts were My thoughts.
But "another generation has arisen that knew not Joseph".
"Can we not change things by elections?  Can we not spend less? Pass legislation? Less taxes?" You grope for answers  to come from yourselves, from your own ingenuity.  Have you not noticed that they all  seem to fail you? New problems arise as quickly as others disappear?
The waters behind the dam have been held back because I am long-suffering and merciful.  It was My fingers that have blocked the leaks that threatened that dam, but you have not recognized it.  Instead, it is YOU who removed MINE and inserted your own. And now yours
fail under the increasing pressures that are soon to break it apart and release the overflowing flood that will surely follow.  Pride will
not let you admit this is what is now happening. 
There is little time
I do not hear cries of repentance, nor see the tears from this nation anymore.  Instead, the blood of innocents cry out from their slaughterings, Their fornications and lewdness have polluted this generation and  made it to be "acceptable".  They reject my Word and mock My servants of righteousness.  Their idols are set up in their hearts.  
The strength of your nation is gone--not because I wished to punish, but because it has chosen its own demise by rejecting Me in their hearts and thoughts. 
Yet there is a remnant who have not forsaken My love and know My ways. I will never leave them nor forsake them. I know My own.
You who love and receive these words, seek Me and listen to My voice: Light a flame of fire to your lamps, trim the wick and have oil in store.  Do not slumber as the foolish virgins, unprepared and assuming it can be borrowed from the prepared ones or be purchased elsewhere. Wake from you slumber! 
Prepare for My soon return. I am about to remove My own to another place once again. My people who have left all to follow Me:  They will escape the floodwaters soon ready to burst forth.   I will soon, once again,  remove My own and carry them safely to a prepared place.  
Comfort your hearts and rejoice that you are counted worthy...with thanksgiving!"