Michael Colunga (10 Nov 2010)
"re: Prayer for Janice"

Hello, John and Doves,
Robert, with respect to your wife, Ellie,
you might do an exhaustive search in the
area of alternative/natural medicine.
While the Church is still on Earth,
many items in God's drugstore are still available over-the-counter.
May God bless all you do for your wife.
At the very least, an application of something like
Focus Factor (tm) might help.
In the Great and Mighty Name of Our Great Healer and Physician, Yeshua,
Mike C.
Robert Belanger (1 Nov 2010)
"Prayer for Janice"

Dear Doves,
Please remember to hold Janice Snyder in your prayers for complete recovery from breast cancer as requested by Stacey (see Stacey(30 )ct 2010 Prayer Request).
While it is true that the medical researchers have found chemotherapy drugs, radiation and other means of the world for combating cancer, let us always remember that the Lord can and does heal every disease in response to sincere prayer. Join me in the following prayer for our sister in Christ who faces this trial of her faith in Jesus.
My own wife, Ellie, had stage 4 ovarian cancer 14 years ago and was completely healed using the chemotherapy and prayers to the Lord for healing. Her chances for recovery then were very low according to medical expertise, but she did recover completely. Unfortunately, she is now fighting against Alzheimer's disease and I again am praying daily for her complete recovery, though the medical experts say such an outcome is even less likely than from ovarian cancer. With God all things are possible! Please join me in prayers for Ellie. Thank you very much.
Janice, you are blessed to have a caring sister-in-law, Stacey, who placed this prayer request here on Five Doves. I know you both as children of God and believers in Jesus, but have not met either of you yet. Hopefully we will meet soon at the rapture. Until then, know that God knows and cares for us all, and especially for those who cry out for help in times of need.
Janice, you believe in Jesus and know that he healed all manner of disease while here in the flesh. Know also that he still lives and can do the same for you now. He knows your heart and loves you very much. Continue to turn to him as the only truly efficacious treatment for your disease, but do not reject the modern methods either for they are often the results of research by dedicated Christians who are sometimes inspired by the Holy Spirit to ease the suffering of mankind.
Dear Father and creator of all, look down this day on your servant, Janice, and see that she loves you and your dear Son, Jesus. Fill her being with your healing spirit and surprise the medical professionals with her speedy and totally effective healing of the diagnosed breast cancer. Speak to the cells that have lost their way and refuse to die, and tell them to return to your plan. Let the cancer cells die and make way for the next generation of healthy, living cells.
In the meantime, elevate Janice's spirit and let her know, feel and sense internally your great comforting presence. Take away all the fear, concern and sadness that often attend the knowledge of disease and replace her feelings with joy and peace, as she remembers that this place is temporary for everyone. We truly are waiting for our place next to you in the heavens.
Speak comforting words to her, send hugs and smiles to her through your children and let her always know deeply that you will never leave her nor forsake her in her time of trial. Let her walk with confidence and hope. never doubting that you are always at work in the heart of the believer do make everything come out right. We do not know how you are working, but we do know that you love us very much and are doing everything you can to help us, now and always. Please help Janice, dearest Father and Lord Jesus, do not let her down, please.
Janice, please let us know what happens and how we can be of further assistance. Thanks
Yours in Christ,