Michael Colunga (10 Nov 2010)

Hello, John (Tng) and Doves,
John Caraballo, I think that the groaning that your friend/acquaintance
dreamt of may have somewhat to do with
Romans 8:23, where it is said that we groan within ourselves.
Maybe that is why everyone could hear the groaning (their own), but they could not record it.
It is an internal, spiritual groaning while we expectantly (even painfully) await the Groom.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
John Caraballo (3 Nov 2010)


I need your help...someone I know had this dream/vision and I asked them to write it down and send it to me.  I have my feelings about it but want to get your unbiased input.  I asked this person to leave out all names in this dream.  Apparently this dream/vision took place in my church and I know all the people involved.  That's why I need an unbiased interpretation.  

Thank you Doves!

In this dream I had we were at a musician practice at church and we started hearing a groaning sound. It sounded like it was coming from all around us.  It kept getting louder and you could hear what seemed like more than one person. The music director, pastor's wife and a few of the other praise singers went to the sound board and were trying to record it.  Two of the men went out the back door of the church, others stayed on the platform just watching everything that was going on. My mother-in-law and I were standing towards the front of the church just listening to everything at first.  The walls started turning black as if they looked burnt and you could hear chanting.  "At this point I woke up and felt like something evil was around me.  I fell back asleep and started where I had left off." the walls were black and everyone was starting to pray and cry with the exception of the five ladies at the sound board.  The pastor's wife wanted to record it so she could have proof!
 f of everything happening and the music director wanted to record it to use for future sound effects or programs.  My mother in law and I decided we wanted to get out of the church so we tried to go out the back of the church where everything was happening and we were told practice wasn't over so we couldn't leave.  We still tried to go out the door but it was like something or someone was holding the door shut.  The walls started crumbling or collapsing and we backed up towards the front of the church trying to get away from it.  The five ladies stayed at the sound board and it seemed they didn't realize what was going on around them other than the evil sounds which are like screams by then.  The more the walls crumbled, the church started splitting in half.  The back of the church, where the sound board was, broke off almost completely from the rest of the church and started sinking.  When it started sinking, a man was standing in the middle of the church talking as if he!
  were preaching but you couldn't hear what he was saying.  The longer he talked the more audible he became and he was speaking of Satan, saying he was the god of most high, and praising Satan.  He was telling the demons to gather around and see what he had accomplished.  Then someone said the church was sinking into hell and I woke up.  "During the dream I woke up several times and when I did I always felt scared or like I would cry.  Several times I lay there rebuking Satan and when I would go back to sleep I would go back where I had left off".