Meriam Brown (16 Nov 2010)
"The swarm of Earthquakes near Ye men and some thoughts"

Shalom Nando and Doves,
     As I saw the report on all those earthquakes in the spot of mind wondered at that Picture on the Map!.......
     I've written about the picture on the Face of the Earth, as a witness (one of G-d's 2 witnesses)......and remember many people asking where on the Map of the World was the picture of the Kneeling Saviour....well, folks this is that PICTURE!!!
     Yemen in the bottom of the robe of Messiah as He kneels in prayer....His folded hands being The Nile River, His bowed head being just above the shape of a LAMB.   Can't you see that picture now ?
     I've never seen so many Earthquakes in one place, and outlining a PICTURE of G-d's redemption of His Creation.  And all on the same day.....that a great prominence
On the Sun was hurled toward Earth!
     When we realize that in that Great Day...all the LOW PLACES will be raised UP, and all the HIGH PLACES will be lowered....what better picture of an Earthquake/s can we visualize?
     How can we ever doubt our G-d being the Creator of this Earth and Heaven that we live in......and if we believe that....then we should know that He WILL DO ALL THAT HE HAS PROMISED....IN HIS TIME, WHICH WILL BE PERFECT!   AND IN HIS DESIGN ....AGAIN BEING PERFECT....ALL WE NEED TO DO IS TO PRAY THAT HIS WILL BE DONE, AND KEEP ON WATCHING AND BEING FAITHFUL IN OUR OBEDIANCE TO HIS PERFECT WILL!

Meriam Brown