Mercer (8 Nov 2010)
"You are going to think I'm writing a novel......but please read and hang in there with me."

Forgive me this is a long post. I've put off sending it for about 3 weeks because I just did not know if I should send this. But Virginia's post prompted me to do so. In fact last night I started this email and stoped.......but then today my heart nearly leapt out of my chest when Virgina posted this today.....and I THINK I heard "don't doubt Me" in my spirit.
If you have not read her post please do so before you go on.


Spacecraft Has Closest Encounter Ever With Comet

Comet Hartley 2 ( This will make sense later)


Here we go.....


A few weeks ago I listen to the Book of John over and over........And it struck me that when Jesus said "destroy this Temple and I'll raise it in 3 days"

Jhn 2:20   Then 3767 said 2036 the Jews 2453, Forty 5062 and 2532 six 1803 years 2094 was 3618 0 this 3778 temple 3485 in building 3618 , and 2532 wilt 1453 0 thou 4771 rear 1453 0 it 846 up 1453 in 1722 three 5140 days 2250?

Jhn 2:21  

But 1161 he 1565 spake 3004 of 4012 the temple 3485 of his 846 body 4983 (Body of His Church?)

The word Temple used here is

ναός-to dwell

1) used of the temple at Jerusalem, but only of the sacred edifice (or sanctuary) itself, consisting of the Holy place and the Holy of Holies (in classical Greek it is used of the sanctuary or cell of the temple, where the image of the god was placed which is distinguished from the whole enclosure)

2) any heathen temple or shrine

3) metaph. the spiritual temple consisting of the saints of all ages joined together by and in Christ

[View this word in Trench's Synonyms here.]


The #46 just jumped out at me and I was immediately prompted to add it to 1967 when the Israeli's got jerusalem. This took me to 2013. The year before the Tetrads of 2014-15


 See Passover and Tabernacles repeated. This has happened before. In 1949-50.Yup right after Israel became a nation again. And in 1968-69, Right after the 6-day war. So is something BIG going to happen in 2013 for Israel?


So as I was working in the yard I kept asking the Lord..."is there something you want me to see?" What?


I heard...."Go back to your dream" So, I revisited my 2009 dream which was closer to a vision since I was aware of my husband getting ready for work. Here follows my post on Doves. I have just sketched out my dreams for you to see and have attached for John.



Sun, December 20, 2009 8:35:40 PM
My first dream and the Blue light over Norway, Obama, and Cern all on December 9......10 days later I have another dream

Dear Doves,
Things are coming together now. And God's visions to me have a profound message for all. Why me? I'm nothing special......not even that "holy"......but on December 9 2009 at 7:15 am, central time I had this dream: I will highlight that which is important and it will make sense later so hang in there with me......this is a long post.

First Dream/Vision December 9 2009


1.As I said I was in a light sleep but still aware of my husband getting ready for work.

The dream started in the hall of my grandmothers home. Where I lived until 1964. I was aware of my mothers presence in back of me as I saw her feet. We were going up 3-4 steps that were in the back hallway. I saw a bit of water coming from under the door. I opened the door, dropped to me knees and looking at the floor I started to wipe up the water. I only saw my grandmothers feet  but knew it was her.


Then immediately I was in a lightly snow covered field. There were trees lining the field. People were coming out of there. Then we all started walking up a small hill. Then we noticed the deer. They were playful like dogs would be. I called to one of the deer and as it approached IT SMILED BUT THE SMILE TURNED INTO THAT OF A CROCODILE. The people said Oh, look it smiled like a crocodile........everything went blank and I actually felt my body being pulled up. I said the rapture is actually happening! Yes, I made it! Thank you Jesus!

And then I was woke up......It was so real!

It was about 7:15 am Dec. 9 (central time)


In speaking with my lurker dove friend about the dream I realized that what God showed me was one moment I was in a field/world and in an instant it went blank. I could no longer see it. So Doves, I believe that's the way it will be. It was like when you are watching TV and the screen goes blank. That's what I saw. God will "pull the Plug" on this life and up we will go.


2. Obama was in Norway the day of the Blue spiral light to get the Nobel Peace Prize.


3. Carolyns profound post on December 10th (Day of my second dream) Blue Beam & Spiral Over Norway .NOTE NOW LOOK he's in India !!!!!! IN 2010


Carolyns in dec. 2009 wrote in part-Blue Beam & Spiral Over Norway:

The phenomena in the sky over Norway has really caused a buzz.  What was it, and what does it mean to us?  There is something that I want to add to the mix of information out there.  It is something the media at large seems to be stifling. 
A rather obscure report in the Science News section of the 12/09/09 Science Daily informs us that on the evening of Tuesday December 8, the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) succeeded in their goal of smashing together two subatomic particles, as observed by the giant ATLAS detector.  It was mere hours later that the fantastic atmospheric display occurred in Norway.  Cern is in Switzerland.  If one were to draw a line from Switzerland to Norway, it would be almost directly north.  Actually, one cannot go much further north than Norway and find land!

and she wrote;

 One of the express goals of the Cern project was to break through the dimensional divide.  I have suspected all along that it might just accomplish that goal when it was time for certain entities to interact here with their full power and potential.  Maybe we have just witnessed the means by which this was to happen.  God has a track record for using man to meet out His chastisement and even His wrath at the appropriate times, but within His boundaries.  The Cern project has been delayed repeatedly until it was God's timing.  It appears that MAYBE His timing has arrived.  


The Cern scientists have been questioned as to the unsettling prospect that the collision might even create a black hole.  The scientists have actually acknowledged that this might be possible, though it would be "harmless".  HHHHM!  A link to a great video clip of the phenomena is: .  PLEASE NOTE: This does not take you DIRECTLY to the video.  You must then select from the options given: Bizarre Blue Light Spiral Over Norway 09th Dec. 2009 P2.  You will need to cut and paste the link, as I am not able to hypertext it.  It is worth the trouble!  There is no annoying soundtrack noise in this short clip, just simple progression footage, and a good still shot of the spiral effect.  Please note that after the blue beam and the spiral, a black hole effect developes and begins to expand from the center of the spiral.  This is one of many pictures and videos available through a simple Google search.  

and she further wrote:

If the dimensional veil was pierced by this process, what might have come in through it?  I wonder whether mankind might not soon find out!  It is also interesting, as noted by many that this whole time frame coincided with our president's visit to Norway (of all places - my oh my!) to be awarded his PEACE PRIZE.  Some say that the short duration of his visit offended the people of Norway who felt that he did not pay them proper homage.  It seems he grabbed and ran.  Maybe he has a job to do.  As mentioned by a dear friend and lover of Yeshua, maybe he was just there long enough to pick up a hitchhiker.  Could he have received a spirit while he was there - a spirit that came in through the newly opened door?  Could he be the man of PEACE who rides in on the white horse in Revelation 6:2?  It has often been surmised that the man on this particular WHITE horse would be the anti version of Christ, who would bring false peace.  Could this event have been the opening of the first seal in the heavens by Yeshua, as enacted below by man?


My dream of December 19, 2009
Mercer note as of 11-7-10: You will see my husband is in this dream. At the time he was NOT saved. About 8 weeks ago he came to Christ !! Interesting.

I was reading Doves yesterday afternoon when extreme fatigue washed over me. This was a totally new feeling I had never experienced. It was about 3 PM. So I layed down on the couch and dozed on and off...then vividly I am once again in my Grandmothers house. I've opened her front door as I noticed something landed on the street. My husband was in the kitchen (location of my first dream) of grandma's house and I called to him and said "you've got to see this". . It was snowy, foggy, and cold. I saw dark shadowy people. Someone got out of what I thought was a small plane/jet. Standing in the opened door, I  was just about to yell "Do you want to come in and stay warm?" but before I could, I heard the figure ask "where is highway 41? " Another figure points the way and instantly two vehicles take off and go straight up with unbelievable power.


I am then instantly and vividly we are in a run down house. My husband was with me. I opened a door, I think it was a bedroom. On the floor was a copper tea-kettle boiling over. I got on my knees because I wondered how it could be boiling without heat! On my knees I saw the floor and base boards were soggy and soft. Then I was in a bathroom I could poke my finger through the water soaked walls. The floor started giving and a hand pulled me out! The whole house was soggy, like a sponge.


After being pulled out I was standing in a room and there appears a demon that looks just like the "Bride of Chuckie" Here's a picture.

This is what I saw.......note "seed". When I googled Bride of chucky underneath it's link was a link for the "Bride of Christ"
Satan is once again coping the Story of Christ!
Here are what the demons looked like ....really, I'm not making it up!
I then wanted to shout "leave in the Name of Jesus Christ" but the words stuck in my throat and all I could do was whisper it........but "Chuckie" left. My husband and I started checking the house and we found little demons sitting on shelves. And they looked like gremlins but also had wings. They looked like this:
The small demons sitting on ledges looked like this but with wings

I once again tried to shout "In the name of Jesus Christ leave"......but the words stuck in my throat. Only a whisper again...............the phone woke me up....2 hours had past! I knew the dream meant something. But what?

Ok hang in there with me..........I am a realtor and was holding an "open house" today Dec 20. While there I had asked God what was with this new dream? So sitting in a strangers kitchen I started reading Doves on my "Blackberry" It's then I read Carolyn's post: Blue Beam & Spiral Over Norway  and it all fell in place !! So here we go.....
In my first dream I'm entering through the back door of my grandmothers home and I spot a puddle. (My grandmothers home is important as it was where I was brought to and lived as a new born baby. ) When I look down at the puddle I dropped to my knees to wipe it up . Now I see 10 days later, this puddle was a warning!
After the puddle was wiped up I was immediately in a snowy field........I now believe I was in Norway! Remember in my first dream I was gathered with others as "we went up a hill"...ready to be raptured. Now that deer who smiled and it turned into a crocadile smile.........That was Obama. Did you ever see his toothy grin?......remember, he was in Norway and Cern was the day before. Carolyn posted video that shows that black hole/portal.
So let's go to my second dream .........I'm again in my grandmothers home. This time at the front door and something has landed looking for directions. Shadowy figures point and up goes the UFO's? The water soaked house and those demons. This afternoon it I saw evil things have entered our world. The Portal opened and Obama has accepted them. Fasten you seat belts Doves!!
When I got home from my open house I had to use the "ladies room" (I know, too much information).I keep a book there titled "Who's Who and Where's Where in the Bible" by Stephen Miller. Sitting there I asked God "what's with the water" ( I know, what a place to ask him a question. LOL) Then proceded to open that book. AND LO AND BEHOLD IT OPENED TO NOAH!!!.....And bam I knew why the water!! In the days of Noah we are!! I said God, in the bathroom, you answer me?  END OF LAST YEARS DREAMS
 Back to November 2010
Then at that time a few weeks ago I asked the Lord what is it about the dream? Is it the date? I had then imediately put in my a study on feet in the book of John....(I was raking up pine needles while asking Him these things) S0 I left my raking and did  just that. All have to do with wiping feet. Several dropping to ones knees (See my sketch)
 < http://
Criteria=feet&t=KJV&cscs=Jhn >
The last usage of feet in John is this one;
Jhn 20:12 And 2532 seeth 2334 two 1417 angels 32 in 1722 white 3022 sitting 2516 , the one 1520 at 4314 the head 2776, and 2532 the other 1520 at 4314 the feet 4228, where 3699 the body 4983 of Jesus 2424 had lain 2749 .
The Resurection!! Wow. OK Lord .........are you hinting at ours????  Yes, I heard.
Jhn 2:21 But 1161 he 1565 spake 3004 of 4012 the temple 3485 of his 846 body

Temple 3485 =   metaph. the spiritual temple consisting of the saints of all ages joined together by and in Christ
Still not sure this was Spirit lead, I just waited for anything else He would send. And the next day He delivered on Doves a post from; Please look at my second sketch with the people, me, and the deer in the field
Jean Stepnoski (16 Oct 2010)
"The Name Hartley, The Stag Season, The Song of Songs"

Dear Doves,
      The Comet Hartley will be appearing this month.. The web site has an interesting article about this name. It is of Germanic, Viking, Old English, and Anglo Saxon origins. It has links related to worship of an earth goddess like those of the Teutonic, and those of the Greek and Roman. This reminds me of the Mystery, Babylon the Great. Word meanings include the deer-stag people, wood or clearing, stag meadow, or hart clearing.
      What is most interesting is the theme of hart or stag, a male deer, in The Song of Songs. In 2:8 is the following. " My love is like a swift gazelle or a young stag." In 2:17 is the following "return to me, my love, like a gazelle or young stag on the rugged mountains." It is currently the Season of the Stag for those deer-stag people or His deer-stag people. May we be WATCHING each day for The Beloved.
With Love and Shalom,
The Lord NOW has my attention
No Way..........Me?
But Saturnday and Sunday I got "more"
Next Post.......The Covenants, Pentecost, and Satan the conterfiter