Mercer (5 Nov 2010)
"Rush Limbaugh-Are they coming back?"


This is bizzare......because this is what was put in my thoughts. Here are some of the things God has put in my thoughts. Now,  they come out of no where. I am not thinking on the subject when I get them

About Sarah Palin..."She will be a torn in his(Obama) side" Got this before he was even elected.

About Obama's healthcare..."He won't get away with it" Got this before he passed the bill.

2012........."There will be no elections in 2012"

Obama's India Trip........"He is NOT coming back"

By Brian Fitzpatrick
 2010 WorldNetDaily

Talk-radio titan Rush Limbaugh noted yesterday that President Obama is getting out of "Dodge" – Washington, D.C. – surprisingly soon after the big showdown with the GOP.

"Maybe they're more afraid of November it had than we thought, 'cause this trip starts, what? Two or three days after the election," said Limbaugh. "[It's] clear the president doesn't want to be anywhere near the scene of the disaster."WHAT DISATER????

After discussing the massive number of people traveling with Obama to Mumbai, India, Limbaugh wondered whether the trip would be only one way.

"Basically it sounds like a government in exile. Like I said, the question to me is: 'Are they coming back?'" IS THIS A CONFIRMATION?