Mercer (29 Nov 2010)
"To Daniel Matson and his time line"

Well Doves and Daniel,

May this, I hope, serve as a confirmation.

Just yesterday I had a long conversation with a fellow lurker dove. After viewing the stuff I posted on doves about the Vatican, Eisenhouser, aliens, and altered dna, we came to the conclusion that our "reality" is manipulated. All wars timed by the so called Illuminatti for their financial benifit. They are satanic at its root. If you did not listen to that post I do urge you to do so.

So once again, when Jesus talks he is the master clue giver. Did he not point me to Hanuakha?

So yesterday my friend and I took two more things he said. War and as in the day of Noah. Huge clues.

I was driving my 6 grandkids up to our cabin so I asked her to look up when ww1 started. Bingo-1914!!

Next how long did God give the people before he sent the flood? 100 years. Yes. Gen 5:32 Noah was 500 when he started the ark. Gen. 7:6 he was 600 when the flood came. WOW.

1914+100= 2014 The year of the 2014-15 tetrad. Where I contend "The Wrath of God is poured out" because the Temple is desocrated on Passover 2014!!!
So we back up to 2011 and I expect the 7 year treaty on Pentecost 2011. Why? That's when God made his covenents.

I agree with Bill Salus's take on how things unfold. No treaty until Israel wipes her enemies out.

So where does that leave things? Well, 1. A soon rapture. 2. A huge quick war where Israel supernaturally wins. All between now and Pentecost 2011.

I humbly submit this "theory" as GOD told me 3 things, big things, he would do in my life. By nightfall they had happen that very day. So I use that as a hunch the "theory" is correct. My friend could confirm what God did in my life 3 times since August.

Now back to my previous post about the vatican. If you go back and listen the ex Illuminatti guy is being interviewed in Norway. It is before Obama was elected. He plainly states he will be president. As Obama is a 33 degree mason. Did you get that?

Next. Right before 911 "they" were in Norway putting the finishing touches on 911. Friends there is no war on terror. We've been set up!! So I ask again, what's with the body scanners?

Now Jesus points to eartquakes. Did you know that the so called Illuminatti and their alien/demon friends claim the ability to cause earthquakes, Katrina, and other weather related events? Jesus knew this. So wether natral or man made we are having many more earthquakes.