Mercer (20 Nov 2010)
"Satan the Prince of Tyre--------Mike curtis you won't believe this.....Doves-Incredible"

 Doves ,
I don't know if you read my posts or not or just skip over them. So I really tried to get your attention today.
Doesn't Egypt represent the world in the Bible?
Mike, I know you were addressing me with this Satan The Prince and King of Tyre and Mammon 
So early this morning you sent me to Blue letter Bible's audio/video study section to listen to my mentor, Chuck Missler;

Ezekiel 26-28

[STREAM] Eze 26; Eze 27; Eze 28 
He makes clear it's satan. Not that what you wrote is not correct but here is the incredible Holy Gost goosebump moment.
If you read my post today from  Jennie, I once again posted my rapture dream from December 9th 2009.
Where I ended up in a field......deer were playing.....I called to one and it came up to me and it's smile TURNED INTO A CROCODILE SMILE. I went on to say it was Obama....did you ever see his toothy grin?
Ready for this?
Eze 29:3 

Speak 1696 , and say 559 , Thus saith 559 the Lord 136 GOD 3069; Behold, I [am] against thee, Pharaoh 6547 king 4428 of Egypt 4714, the great 1419 dragon 8577 that lieth 7257 in the midst 8432 of his rivers 2975, which hath said 559 , My river 2975 [is] mine own, and I have made 6213 [it] for myself.

The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

Commentary by A. R. FAUSSET



      This is the last of the world kingdoms against which Ezekiel's prophecies are directed, and occupies the largest space in them, namely, the next four chapters. Though farther off than Tyre, it exercised a more powerful influence on Israel.

      2. Pharaoh--a common name of all the kings of Egypt, meaning "the sun"; or, as others say, a "crocodile," which was worshipped in parts of Egypt (compare Eze 29:3 ). Hophra or Apries was on the throne at this time. His reign began prosperously. He took Gaza ( Jer 47:1 ) and Zidon and made himself master of Phoenicia and Palestine, recovering much that was lost to Egypt by the victory of Nebuchadnezzar at Carchemish ( 2Ki 24:7 Jer 46:2 ), in the fourth year of Jehoiakim [WILKINSON, Ancient Egypt, 1.169]. So proudly secure because of his successes for twenty-five years did he feel, that he said not even a god could deprive him of his kingdom [HERODOTUS, 2.169]. Hence the appropriateness of the description of him in Eze 29:3 . No mere human sagacity could have enabled Ezekiel to foresee Egypt's downfall in the height of its prosperity. There are four divisions of these prophecies; the first in the tenth year of Ezekiel's captivity; the last in the twelfth. Between the first and second comes one of much later date, not having been given till the twenty-seventh year ( Eze 29:17 30:19 ), but placed there as appropriate to the subject matter. Pharaoh-hophra, or Apries, was dethroned and strangled, and Amasis substituted as king, by Nebuchadnezzar (compare Jer 44:30 ). The Egyptian priests, from national vanity, made no mention to HERODOTUS of the Egyptian loss of territory in Syria through Nebuchadnezzar, of which JOSEPHUS tells us, but attributed the change in the succession from Apries to Amasis solely to the Egyptian soldiery. The civil war between the two rivals no doubt lasted several years, affording an opportunity to Nebuchadnezzar of interfering and of elevating the usurper Amasis, on condition of his becoming tributary to Babylon [WILKINSON]. Compare Jer 43:10-12 , and see on JF & B for Jer 43:13, for another view of the grounds of interference of Nebuchadnezzar.

Rest of study; <http://
ar=Eze_29_3 >
Their money had it on too.

GIZA, Egypt -- The pyramids outside of Cairo boast tombs, camels and relics thousands of years old.

What about an image reminiscent of the 44th president? 

The great pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and during a brief stop here Thursday after delivering a major speech aimed at Muslims around the world, President Obama spotted another notable sight: a hieroglyphic that showed the face of a man with big ears.

Obama entered the tomb and saw it right away.

"That looks like me!" he said. "Look at those ears!"