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"We Are At War! Internally And Externally"

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We Are At War! Internally And Externally

November 10, 2010
By Steve Quayle

Never, in the History of the US, has the Term Pile it higher and deeper been more pronounced on the "Manure Madness scale", then is now being played out before our eyes!  Back ground : All missiles leave fingerprints as to type,speed fuels used, and Telemetry signals or Arming codes and Points of Launch . For NORAD to make the Claim that  "they know nothing" is a Sargent Schultz moment Par Excellent-- We have satellites and scanners that can read every inch of  a missile in flight. North Korea has Diesel/electric submarines virtually undetectable off our Territorial waters continually as well as China, Russia, and Iran. The U.S.militaries, remote sensing capabilities are the Best in the world so the "Gee we don't know whats going on or what happened" is like Aaron in the Old Testament saying that he didn't understand where the Golden Calf came from even though he was the one that-  "FASHIONED IT" The Politicians have long learned that giving the people what they want even when it ultimately kills them is always easier then taking a stand for what's right.The internal wars in the US military,Special operations and Private contractors are daily events--Training accidents,equipment failures and every other excuse and in your face lie is offered up with no regards to Truth-  Heres an E-mail from a Listener who monitors Military Frequencies-STEVE, I HEARD THE ALERTS FROM NORAD GO UP WHEN THIS MISSILE WAS FIRED. THE MILITARY TOOK IT SERIOUSLY. IF I GET CLARIFICATION ON WHO LAUNCHED IT I WILL LET YOU KNOW! Steve, For what is worth I thought I would share my thoughts on the mysterious apparent missile contrail sighted the other day. These thoughts are based on my military and flying experience of 30 years or so. As you know I am a Captain at one of the largest airlines in the world so I have seen quite a number of strange things as well as a number of missile and NASA rocket launches from the ground and the air. First, the scenario of a major world power's submarine launching the missile either intentionally or unintentionally seems unlikely due to the proximity to the coast line of the suspected launch. SSBM subs (boomers) do not approach the coast lines for launchings. They are tactically better served to launch from a station far from the coast where they can hide and not be detected. There is no reason to get close to the coast because these weapons have very long ranges and security would be compromised. Second, the scenario of one of our subs launching the missile is a plausible one but only if done accidentally. Accidents do happen but it is highly unlikely one of our Tridents let one fly accidentally.  Perhaps an intentional launch by one of ours, again highly unlikely since these launches are done clear of aviation traffic and  "Notice to Airmen" NOTAMs are published for planned launches and airspace is shut down, this did not occur. Thirdly, a civilian knuckle head may have launched the possible missile. If this was the case from what I have seen from rocket and missile launches, the "knucklehead von Braun" would have had to build a really big "SPECTRE-esque" (think James Bond plots) humdinger of a rocket to give off that contrail signature. Possible, yes but again highly unlikely. That leaves my last "conventional" scenario. Fourth, a rogue nation or group may have planned the launch possibly coupled with an EMP device. If a group planned such an attack they may have picked a slightly better location but perhaps the launch location was dictated by their circumstances and capabilities to get the device on station. If this scenario is correct then it appears to have been a partial failure. I doubt any group would test their scenario (like this event occurred) because it would give away too much Intel on their intentions. Either the rogue group screwed up the launch or perhaps we have some advanced special technology that was used to throw the launch/targeting off. We both know this technology does exist and may have been used from sub-orbit.(Thank You D.) SQ speaking now-- It is my opinion at this point that based on the Trajectory of the Missile and or Missiles, it was an intercept most likely by a Group in our Military not under the command of NORAD or the Pentagon who has override capability--It appears that it was a combined North Korean/Iran combined submarine launch attempt at an EMP Strike on West Coast--Obviously technology has been sold to Both Nations as an attempt to give them incapacitating  short Range Cruise style missiles! What most people are failing to reference is that a similar unexplained missile launch seems to have taken place several days earlier from Luke AFB in Arizona  same interesting  contrail plume.Von Clausewitz in his Classic book "ON WAR"  stated that when goods don't cross borders armies do! When International currencies fail,wars arise and Ladies and Gentleman--we are at the Breaking Point,Tipping point and very soon at the Point of no return! Our Planetary Plundering with Paper Dollars is about to bite us in the bottom like we have never experienced before and there will be nothing left to bend over and kiss goodbye!