Mercer (11 Nov 2010)
"A huge confirmation we are Going"

Doves.....please go to page 33 before you read the whole article  then PLEASE PLEASE


read this post of mine on Doves You are going to think I'm writing a novel......but please read and hang in there with me. 

where I said:

After the puddle was wiped up I was immediately in a snowy field........I now believe I was in Norway! Remember in my first dream I was gathered with others as "we went up a hill"...ready to be raptured. Now that deer who smiled and it turned into a crocadile smile.........That was Obama. Did you ever see his toothy grin?......remember, he was in Norway and Cern was the day before. Carolyn posted video that shows that black hole/portal.
So let's go to my second dream .........I'm again in my grandmothers home. This time at the front door and something has landed looking for directions. Shadowy figures point and up goes the UFO's? The water soaked house and those demons. This afternoon it I saw evil things have entered our world. The Portal opened and Obama has accepted them. Fasten you seat belts Doves!!