Mary Adams (11 Nov 2010)

This may go against the grain of a lot of people, but I am of the older generation and this dream reminded me of the groaning I had when I recently attended a very large church.  Once the service started, I felt I had stumbled into a rock concert.  "Loud" is a mild word from the sound volume, but the physical gestures were appalling and sexually suggestive. They wore skin-tights and dressed like the hippies of the 60's.  The songs reminded me of that scripture, "with their mouths they praise Me, but their hearts are far from Me". There was no preaching, just a closing "fill -out-the-card-in front of you if you want Jesus" kind of thing. 
In Germany several years ago, I was visiting in the home of the director of a large Christian ministry. I was given the room of their son, and when I walked through the door I was shocked to see the wall plastered with large posters of different rock groups.  I said nothing, but that son took a liking to me and took me with him to various places for coffee and to visit castles. One night he asked me to attend a meeting which included various siblings and others.  They had their own "ministry" across Europe, which held Christian meetings for young people.  At that point, they were about to choose which Christian "rock" group to bring their "worship" music for their next tour.  After settling on their choice, I was asked "what do you think?" 
I had not wanted to say anything, but the Holy Spirit spoke these words to them:
"I am sure you are acquainted with a man named "David Wilkerson".  Years ago David went to New York city, led by a vision from God to the very heart of the drug gangs, full of violence and murder.  Alone, David gave them the gospel and led them into the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  The Word of God was so powerful, the entire city of New York witnessed a significant downturn of crime after those drug leaders were converted and turned their hearts to the Lord. Many became preachers themselves! 
God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!  He doesn't need the devil's tools to build His church."
There was shock and silence after I said that, and I was sure that they did not want me to say anything more.  I returned home, but in a few weeks I had a letter from that son. "Thank you for what you said.  We have decided to not feature such music to attract the young people anymore."  That son, today, has filled his father's shoes as its present director and turned that ministry to a powerful and effective mission
for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Thank you, John Caraballo for sharing this dream, which was powerful and certainly a reminder and forwarning for all churches of this Laodicean age.   Judgment will first begin there...