Mark Myers (5 Nov 2010)
"re LLee's Ark dream, 11's, webbot, bible codes, Netanyahu in NY, others not"

You said you craved feedback about your dream of the ark your husband provided which needed to be ready by the 3rd and was piloted by he whose ark it was .  There seems to be many signs pointing to next week so I’d love to chime in.  

Not that I put any credence in nor do I take any away from the web bot project but it has been saying for some time that next week is the event that is many times larger that 9/11 and all the wars of the past 60 years combined.  I’ve read just here in the last few days dreams and visions about Netanyahu dying in New York next week and that WW3 starts the following 11th and the same thing being said in bible code. 

Which coincides with what you mentioned concerning 11’s.  Nov 4th “The ark is finished and the storm is beginning. Tomorrow, November 4, is the 7-year anniversary of the super flare of November 4, 2003. It came on the 10th of Cheshvan, the day that God warned Noah that the rain would begin in seven days. It was the largest flare ever recorded - the 11th of 11 x-flares, which saturated the instruments for 11 minutes. It was EXACTLY on the 10th of Cheshvan, and if it had been earth-directed, it would have fried everyone on that side of the planet with a lethal dose of x-rays. It was exactly seven days before 11-11, which was the 17th of Cheshvan, the day the rain started and the door was shut. “

I join a lot of you in seeing 11:11 so, so often.  

Lord, I confess and repent of my sins in front of your doves and ask that you would indeed be my Lord and Savior and King.  And I ask that all my family would be saved as well and that our names would be written in your book of life and we would be your children forever.  Amen!
Your dream was encouraging LLee (WisconsinGardener) Thanks for sharing it.

ybic Mark Myers