Maranatha Man (13 Nov 2010)
"Skyline movie quote - "It's like the rapture!""

Watched Skyline last night at the midnight showing. If you look at the posters and trailers, you'll notice people getting sucked up into spaceships. Looked like a rapture event with evil connections. In the movie, there's an old guy "Walt" who is hiding in his apartment when all of the death and distruction is going... on outside. When the lead actor "Jarrod" confronts him and asks him, "Why are you hiding?", Walt replies, "I've seen what is happening to all those people outside. It's like the Rapture!". No symbolism there. Message: The Rapture is a evil event. And, later on in the movie, you'll see what they do to the humans that get sucked up into the spaceships.



Maranatha Man