Lyle Metsker (10 Nov 2010)



President Obama

He was offended by last week‚€™s election results. He's already signaled that there will not be a Bill Clinton style 'move to the political middle' in order to govern. BHO has no intention of governing jointly with anyone. If he can‚€™t become emperor or dictator, Obama will practice a scorched earth policy designed to bring down the whole country and the entire free world in the process. - Mike Curtiss


Prime Minister Netanyahu

He was offended on a previous visit when he was ignored by President Obama. Now, while the President is away, he‚€™s here talking with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton. If they offend him and ignore his request for the USA to back an attack on Iran, he just may go home and initiate the attack himself without American backing.


The Country of China

China became offended when the Federal Reserve announced last week that it was going to funnel $600 Billion into the banking system. China owns a titanic portion, $900 billion worth, of American Treasury notes -- meaning it could sink us if it stopped buying them and instead began dumping these notes as it has implicitly threatened. "China owns the U.S.," is the way one major analyst recently put it.