Lyle Cooper (15 Apr 2010)
"RE: Michael Colunga (13 Nov 2010)"

Michael, you wrote:

"Lyle, you said,
    So if we understand the context of the first seal, it was broken about 33 AD. In fact, all the first 5 seals were broken one after another in 33 AD. There is NO HINT of a delay between seals, UNTIL we get to seal number 5: the martyrs of the church age. Stephen was one of the first martyrs there.
No wonder that the angel told John the Revelator,
    "Do not seal up the prophetic words you have written, for the time is near."  Revelation 22:10
If the seals were contemporaneously being opened, then the Church is not only an hiccup in the book of Revelation,
the Church is also an hiccup with respect to the seven Moeds.
In HaShem,
Mike C."

Sorry, Mike, but I guess I am slow. Contemporary with what or when?

If the truth be known, much of Revelation is for the 70th week, and the church will not be there. So chapters 7-16, the 70th week, and 17 - 18, about the final destruction, are not about the church, but about the Jews. Certainly it is also about those turning to Christ after the rapture, also. The church will be in heaven while these events take place on earth.

Are you saying you are in agreement, or not? Have you studied the context of the first seal?

It seems that "near" to God is at least 2000 years!

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