L Lee (4 Nov 2010)
"Ark dream, Nov. 3 - the storm is starting. The door is shutting!"

Every once in a while, I have a dream that I am confident came from God. There have been more lately than in the last seven years!

I am confident this came from God. It was encouraging, and at the same time, an URGENT warning. I intend to post it on all the boards I visit. I had this dream this morning, November 3.

My husband was building an ark. I didn't think it was weird that he was doing that, but I had little confidence that it would ever get finished. It was just a very little one. My neighbor was also building an ark, much, much bigger.

Life went on, and I completely forgot about the arks. I paid no attention to their progress. (spiritually speaking - shame on me)

Anyway, one day, my husband said, "Come and see! It's finished!"

And, it was! It was the most adorable little ark - totally snug and safe. It didn't occur to me to look to see if the neighbor's was done, too. So, I went into the ark, and suddenly, others were there, too. Not very many - it wasn't that big of an ark. But, our family was there, and some good friends. It was plenty big enough for the people on it.

I said, "I can't even tell it's an ark. It looks just like a home!"

He had gotten it done on November 3, and as I thought about that, I was so completely relieved that it was before November 4. I said to him, "You don't even realize the significance of what you've done! You got it done before November 4!"

On the ark, you couldn't tell anything. It was snug and secure and perfectly safe. You couldn't hear outside noises at all. I went out onto the deck, and that was another story. The rain had started, and it was mixed with snow. The water was already dangerously sloshing up onto the deck - and the door was standing wide open, letting it in.

I yelled, "Shouldn't that door be shut?!!!" and I started out onto the deck to shut it. I didn't get more than a few feet when I realized that it was much too dangerous for me to try that. I would be swept away.

Suddenly, the pilot of the ark appeared. At first, I was startled. This was my husband's ark, after all. Why did we have a pilot? Wasn't my husband the pilot? Then, it all made perfect sense. Of course we had a pilot! It was my husband's job to build the ark for our family, but he had nothing to do with steering it. I also realized that the pilot had really been the one in charge of building the ark all along. That was the only way it was done on time. It was really the pilot's ark! As I watched, he strode across the deck to the door, but before he could shut it, I woke up.

This was the most amazing dream, and so encouraging. My husband is not obviously the spiritual leader of our home. He doesn't know much about the Bible, and what he does read, he doesn't really understand or think about deeply - at least to all appearances. When my children had questions, they came to me. Actually, when my husband has questions, he comes to me, too, which makes me a little uncomfortable.

And, yet, as I thought about this dream, I realized that my husband has been faithful. He has strong faith. He makes sure his family was always in church. He is a good example of an upright man. He HAS been faithfully building an ark for his family. Granted, it's not an ark that holds much more than our family, but it's strong, and our family fits inside, with room for a few more.

There are implications to this dream. The ark is finished and the storm is beginning. Tomorrow, November 4, is the 7-year anniversary of the super flare of November 4, 2003. It came on the 10th of Cheshvan, the day that God warned Noah that the rain would begin in seven days. It was the largest flare ever recorded - the 11th of 11 x-flares, which saturated the instruments for 11 minutes. It was EXACTLY on the 10th of Cheshvan, and if it had been earth-directed, it would have fried everyone on that side of the planet with a lethal dose of x-rays. It was exactly seven days before 11-11, which was the 17th of Cheshvan, the day the rain started and the door was shut.

Now, as I think about it, several things occur to me. On November 3 - today - the storm had already started. We were safely in the ark. However, the door was still open - yet the "pilot" was about to shut it.

This might be a warning about tomorrow. Or, it might be a warning about something happening within the next week - possibly even 11-11. If I could guess (this is just a guess), I'm thinking that the very next few days are going to be filled with not such good things - but that 11-11 might possibly mark the shutting of the door.

I crave your comments on this dream!!!!!

LLee (WisconsinGardener)