Linda Hazelton (16 Nov 2010)
"Reply to Mercer"

Actually I  recall when we lived in Washington DC (we were there for all the fireworks of
9/11!)  I was driving up the highway to downtown DC (395 I think) and listening to NPR
(gag!) and they were reporting that the Muslims would put a Muslim in WH in ten years.
Actually that was ten years ago now so they did it in 8 years!  That's why when he came
on the scene and I heard his real name for the first time I knew who he was!
Avi knows what he is talking about!
And if we don't get off our prayer butts and don't be so shy and beg our Father to destroy
this imposter and stop their infiltration we are done.  I usually precede that prayer with
begging Him to send Y'shua to get us out of here.  Remember that's what Daniel was doing
when he realized that it was time for the deliverance of Israel!