Linda Hazelton (10 Nov 2010)
"Hussein Agenda to Establish an American Dictatorship"

Mike Curtiss,
"Prediction: Unless this leader is removed from office, by any means necessary, the Republic will not survive this grave challenge. Too many of our citizen's remain dependant upon the government teat to rock the boat.
Unless the new TEA Party and the Grand Old Party can rally together to lance and drain the purulent abscess known as Obamacare before it infects the entire American body politic, the nation will soon grow septic and die from multi-organ system failure."
I have been saying and praying about this for over a year now.  My comments to other Christians have been relatively ignored so far.  Not recognizing his wickedness most have wanted to "give him a chance" and "pray for him."   I was way past that when six months before the election I read that he wrote and sponsored to law a bill in the Illinois senate for third trimester abortion.  I have also believed from the beginning of his public appearance that he is a Muslim.  I remember seven years ago on NPR how the Muslims predicted they would have a Muslim in the WH within ten years--they made it in seven.  Let's pray the men in Congress are aware of the severity of the situation.
And I concur. . . "by any means necessary."