Lewis Brackett (16 Nov 2010)
"East and West united for Israel's destruction"

The Moslem position is easy enough to see..... 4000 years of hatred of the Jew...... Every eastern/ Moslem leader believes that Allah ((whoever that is :lookaroun )) has lured the Jews to Jerusalem so that the moslems can kill them all..... Their talk of peace is nothing more than deceit--after all, lies are perfectly moral as far as the moslem is concerned as long as these lies kill Jews...... It is also plain that the moslem considers any land once seized by "holy moslem warriors" to eternally belong to islam. That such land is under an eternal state of war until it is retaken my muslim holy warriors. Any peace is only temporary until they gain enough strength to retake it........


The western secular position is even more subtle, satanic and dangerous....…

The first point is that the liberal west is a sellout, willing to sell anyone for a profit….. They don’t care how much blood is shed as long as it is somewhere else to someone else and they make a good profit doing it…..

The western bankers bankrolling both sides in every war make war a very profitable enterprise…….

The Rockefellers gave Hitler the money to build his war machine knowing that another war would happen.

They did not care one bit that millions would suffer and die….. We are only cattle to the western elite to be used anyway they wish. The also bankrolled Lenin and Stalin keeping the Russian soviet operating for 70 years.

The second point is a religious one……. The liberal elite want to prove to themselves that GOD really does not exist, that the Bible is wrong. The Jew is one of the main proofs that GOD is real, so the elite, like their master Satan, want to destroy the Jew to frustrate GODs plan written in the Bible……..


Lewis  Brackett