Leigh (16 Nov 2010)
"to:-    KML    re THE FOURTH FULL MOON"

I read your letter yesterday  about the heavens the moon and the light becoming brighter. I also looked up your letter of October 25.  Can you please give us a lot more detail about the signs in the heavens and also what exactly you were watching yesterday till 4 pm. Or am I missing something here???  Your mentioning of the number 20 could be significant for many people believe in Judgment Day 21 May 2011 being the rapture on the day before judgment?   . I myself read it many times. Could that be the 20 you saw??  If you have already posted the full explanation on Doves then could you let me know about it? My email is robertcross660@yahoo.co.    Many thanks and thankyou John for being so kind to the BODY OF CHRIST!!!! God bless    Leigh Australia