KML (17 Nov 2010)
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Hello Leigh
As for the #20 on the black box in the vision , I don't believe it pertained to a date.
According to the nature of the vision I believe it had to do with a possible terrorist event in the near future.
Possibly in Israel, or here in the USA I don't really know.
I have been watching the heavenly skies for over a year now. The past few letters I have submitted contain the results of my studies about the FOURTH MONTH FULL MOON.
Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden on the( Fourth Month Full Moon.)
Noah and his family left the Ark( Fourth Month Full Moon.)
Adam and Eve were Tempted by the Serpent SECOND MONTH 17th day
Noah and his family in the Ark had DRY LAND on the SECOND MONTH 17th Day.
I felt that perhaps there could be a paralel between these TWO events and OUR going UP at the Rapture. Because of where we are in TIME.
1. Adam and Eve leaving Paradise and entering SIN
2. Noah and his family leaving SIN and entering a new life.
3. The Body of Christ leaving SIN and entering Paradise ( Rapture)
4. Israel entering the tribulation, Daniels 70th week, and returning to God.
The Fourth Month Full Moon is this December 2010

This Article will show you where I think we are in prophetic time

This is the Full Video

We know that the Body of Christ must leave before the Lawless one is revealed.
The video shows much information from the Beginning to the End and our present time.
THE RAPTURE is before tribulation.
The reasons for tribulation according to my studies.
1. To Bring Israel back to God
2. To put an end to unrighteousness, and satan
3. For Jesus Christ to Establish His Kingdom here upon the earth.

The scripture tells us that those days(tribulation) will be cut short
As of May19th 2010 these days are NOW being shortened.
We are 184 days into the 2300 days given to Daniel for Israel.
We the believers where in the Holy Spirit dwells are what is restraining the Lawless One.
Thus shortening the days of Tribulation.
The Heavenly SIGNS are happening NOW. Gen 1:14 ( LET THEM BE FOR SIGNS AND FOR SEASONS),  within only a couple hours the MOON had changed from a bright white, to a golden yellow. It changed from appearing as one would slice a pie in half, to being as a cup holding water in appearance, and much Bigger and closer . Amazing.
On Oct 17th 2010 The Heavens were filled with the heavenly star constilations, and CLEAR, no clouds. Yet NO MOON was visible.
The SIGNS are there if we watch and take heed to Gen1:14.
I have witnessed the Moon bright and clear during the day and at night. During the day and for most of the Day untill about 4 to 5 PM. As I stated yesterday the 14th Nov 2010, 4:21 PM

We are in the SEASON of our Lords Return.
The DAY and HOUR ( We must Watch, for we know not when our Masters will return)
I pray it will be FOURTH MONTH ( Dec 2010 ) FULL MOON.

There is an old saying ( keep it simple simon )
I think God does just that.
Perhaps it is a simple as watching His Signs and reading His Word.
The 2 witnesses come after we leave.
Isn't God GOOD, never does He ever LEAVE US. ( Israel included ) without a TESTAMONY
( The Witnesses )
Be Blessed
Love in Christ Jesus