Kelly Herman (24 Nov 2010)
"Bitterness in The Vine"

As I was traveling to work this morning, The Lord prompted me that He would
compose a message that as He places it in His Heart is most needed in this hour
where darkness is unfolding...
 There is in my fold a demanding with ravenous ways, does the wolf not
demand his way?
 Do the sheep not shake in fear at such a one.
 The bitterness from the past is a stained glass shard in the arsenal of the
 Who can conquer it's ways?
 Who can take hold of it in their hand and not have instant regret?
 There will not be bitterness in the branches of My Vine. I, the
 shall prune them utterly. The mantle they have placed upon themselves
 to rend the sheep shall become a most burdensome yoke. I, The Lord have
 spoken it and My Arm shall be stretched out and not find place of rest at
My side
 until this has been accomplished.
 The bitterness and anger of grievance past shall build for them a most
 uncomfortable prison from which there will be no escape.
 There are not fruits of The Spirit that contain anger, bitterness, and
 Love does not demand it's own way, but I, The Judge will recompense that
 has been served to the weak with gall!
 I Am a humble Shepherd who teaches with love and truth, do not arouse the
 to stand forth and demand My Place! For I will not give My Glory to
 The evening is growing darker, and the enemy wants derision and
 Shall his destruction come from your mouth? Shall you be his perfect
 Shall you allow him to prosper by your hand?
 Those that belong to me, who will not conduct a daily judgement of
themselves, but shall
 turn and rend others will be given over to a mind reprobate. A mind
reprobate in which truth
 shall not enter in.
 I Am The Judge! Am I not capable? Is My Arm too short? Do I sleep?
 Am I distracted? Do I not see?
 I see, and I am grieved...
 I Am currently checking the fruit of The Vine and my pruning instrament is
with Me!
 This is the end of The Word of The Lord as told to me on 11/23/2010 @ 7:50
 May we be constantly in tune to growing and giving the precious fruit of
The Spirit of Life!
 Kelly Herman