Keith Arndt (5 Nov 2010)
"6 / 11"

You tube video 6 / 11????
I watched this video of the simpsons off Lightgate , Stew. At first i was not seeing what the guy was seeing. I did see the 6 / 11. But when i looked at the clock, i became extremely disturbed, there may be more, much more. . His view that it is, 11 / 6, may be right, or maybe not. Consider this.
When reading a digital clock backwards, you may just read, the numbers backwards. Here they specifically chose a ROUND CLOCK WITH HANDS. So there MAY BE, might be another view here.
Thus you may not just be reading backwards. For to be truly, backwards on a round clock, it would be upside down, not just the reverse image. A reverse image, would just count counter clockwise, verses clockwise, giving the same result, with backward numbers.. What he showed in the youtube video, was the upside down and reverse, of the clock..
That view showed the six, becoming CHANGED to another number. The 11 stays the same, just upside down. But the 6, as always is in the occult is interchangeable with a 9. So it may be viewed upside down, as 11 / 9., with the 11 still being first, because it is read backwards. I am not saying he is wrong, i hope both views are wrong. But what stuck out to me, was the 9, when he turned the clock upside down, which still does not change the clock, just how it is viewed.
Now , the other notable thing in the video was the use of 10. The post connected to the clock, making a 10.
If one watches the video, and stops it when the clock and homer are turned upside down, and looks carefully, some details really stick out.
That image turned upside down, also has a 10. Look at Homer upside down. The Hammock and he make a interesting shape, it curls down from his feet, up to his body, then back down the tree. Look at how it is wrapped around the tree. If one follows the shape of the hammock strictly, you have a stylized number 2, with the clock face it is 20. The tree, becomes your 1 and again use the clock face, a 10. 2010.
Now look at the clock, it is also a door, hatch, gate, portal, etc.. Look at its features, a door, looking into time, with the firm frame of a hatch like on a silo, or a hatch on a ship, or a ****gate, portal. It has the two supports, as one solid frame fitting to its solid post, that looks like it was bolted into a fixed frame. It is as if it were tore off, blown out as in the video. But look at the design, there are no hinges, if it is a door, it was a fixed door, not to be opened. A BLOWING OF THE HATCH??
The possible evidence that it should be read as 11 / 9.
What did the guy say at the beginning.
" 5, 4 not enough time for a full countdown"
5 + 4 = 9 What is the total of the countdown from 5 to 1? 15. Or 5 + 5 + 5
The time on the clock was actually 5: 55. That in itself could mean something. But there is more.
The guy said, not enough time for full countdown.. It may be code, for those who know to look at the clock closer. 5 and 4, are part of the countdown, the rest are not. What is the total of the remainder?
3 , 2 , 1 = 6. Could it be saying look for 9, by leaving out the 6.
 Are they telling them to purposely ignore the 6 they will see, but look for a 9. The next sequence a clock with a 11 and a 6 on it, they are fixed not on the 11, but the 6, the seeing of the 11, triggers the reason for the countdown stop, To as the occult does, interchange the 6 with a 9.           11 / 9, is a tuesday.
11 / 6 / 2010 = 20 expectation
11 / 9 / 2010 = 23 death
11 / 9 / 2010 TUESDAY
Or is it both?
Or is it saying, the lid on the truth about 9 / 11, is going to be blown off?  That would change things real fast.