Kay (22 Nov 2010)

Yesterday evening (Friday) my son brought in the mail and was going thru it piece by piece, while I patiently waited for my turn.  When I spotted a yellow mailer, I asked, who is that from? He looked at the return address and said, "Bonnie Gaunt."  I hooped and hollered running down the stairs to get it, since I haven't heard from Bonnie for what seems like ages. To my great surprise it was her 15th book! I called her today (Saturday) to thank her for it, and it was wonderful to hear her voice. She has just had more surgery, so is not feeling at all well yet. But, I just had to tell you how excited I was to get her new book. Bonnie told me it is "her gift to God." Thus far, I have only gotten through the first 2 chapters, but so far, it is magnificent! 
In this constant air of darkness everywhere, I think you will be thrilled with her "always uplifting" expression of Our Father's abiding love and great plan for his children!
If any of you want a FREE copy, you can go to the following website: http://www.sonstoglory.com/millenniumgematria.htm
Her book is online.

The Dawn of Earth's Great Millennium


Magnificent Evidences that the New Day is Dawning!

by Bonnie Gaunt