Kathy N (11 Nov 2010)
"Please Boycott Amazon.com - Selling Guides to Pedophilia"

Please share this with everyone you know.
Amazon.com, one of the world's biggest on-line retailers, is selling guides for pedophilia. As the article below states, they have been doing this for years, but are being called out again for the latest addition to a growing collection of depraved merchandise they are purveying to enrich themselves.
Please don't just be disgusted. Do something! Pass this information along to everyone you know before the Christmas shopping season.  Do not buy anything from this company and send them a letter or email telling them you will not shop there. 
The only thing they care about is money and unless enough people speak up and refuse to buy from them, they will continue promoting evil and prospering at the expense of children.
New Haven Register

-Amazon sells book offering advice to pedophiles, bringing outrage, threats of boycott