Karl (17 Nov 2010)
"About some visions and experiences. RE: RE's: Pattern in the snow."

Karl (16 Nov 2010)
 RE: Michael Colunga  and others (16 Nov 2010)
"Re: Pattern in the snow (Karl 15 Nov 2010).
And about some experiences and visions that I have had.
Hello Michael Colunga and everyone.
Thank you and everyone that you gave me a response to may letter (15 Nov). I am very grateful, Michael, for reminding me of what it could be, and I am so sorry to everyone that I didn't look for that explanation before posting it. It's the first winter that we have that car and it didn't struck me at all that the nice pattern could be caused by heating through the weldings. We had not used the car for 15 hours that morning and the snow had fallen late during the night. I am looking for signs every day now, so my first thought was that it must be some supernatural explanation.
However God may be using natural means to show us things too.
After I posted it I have been thinking about David Daughtry's vision, as also Gilda reminded me about, of a disk (an idea that was suggested also by Linda) that will be shown on the television screen 2-3 weeks before the rapture, and that it could be a warning about this. The 11's in the cross could point to sometime in "November" or it could point to the year "2011". The number of prints around the disk in the photo is 20. That could mean "20 Nov" or "2011". Then there are 3 prints underneath the disk that could mean "20 Nov + 3 weeks" or if they correspond to months then may be "March 2011". If we count the number of 11's there are 10 of them and the pattern could mean "October 2011", then the 3 prints beneath could point to "3 Oct 2011" (The opposite would become 10 March 2011).
If there are anyone who can narrow down the possibilities or find other possibilities, it would be nice.
I, for one, has been thinking, the last 3 years, of 2011 as the year of the rapture, but that is just because of some personal experiences I had in 2007, which are only an interpretation of something I think I saw. Just as I think I saw something on the car the morning on Sunday. But who knows if it can mean anything?
I always have such experiences in the mind just to look out for things that can happen. They become some sort of personal time markers or things to look for, and makes it very exciting while waiting for the blessed hope.
Like on 17 Oct (4:05-4:16 PM) I had a vision by means of clouds in the sky which illustrated a big comet or something hitting the sun (the real Sun) from the right side of it, after which a large and wide elongated horizontal "gate" opened up just to the left of the Sun. Then from the right side of the Sun there suddenly appeared a lot of dot like clouds approaching the gate, but it seemed as if they were prevented from intruding it by an invisible wall. Then a large eagle-like bird formed to the left of the "gate". After a minute or so the bird began to dissolve starting with the head, and small pieces of it were drawn towards the "gate", and when a small "vial" formed contemporaneously within the gate, it were as if the pieces disappeared into that vial. Then the "vial" was transformed into an elongated narrow "form" ( I was thinking of a UIFO or spaceship when I saw it) and a cloud formed close above it similar to a face. I was thinking of the Lord when I saw it.
I have had visions also earlier this autumn, 20-22(?) September, that I interpreted as we were to be taken up into a large spaceship. The letters CCCP appeared after a while alongside the spaceship and first I thought that we will be taken up before the Gog-Magog war. "CCCP"  then transformed somehow into the word "succot". So this will happen in  Succot (Feast of Tabernacles) I imagined. I was over-excited of course. 
I was in our cabin in the mountains and was staying there for more than a week during the last experience. So I could not write to you about it.
I have realized lately that if the Jewish seasons are postponed by 2 months relative to the present official Jewish calendar compared to the time of Abraham, it could mean that Succot in reality should be in late November instead of 23 September this year. So I am still waiting for a possible rapture this year in spite of the vision, which I first thought was for late September.
But if not, then from my experience we have to wait for the next year. Succot next year according to the official calendar will start on 13 Oct (2011).
But in the meantime I had to think more about the vision and I have been reinterpreting it to mean that instead of the timing for rapture and Gog-Magog war, it could have meant that we were going to stay in the spaceship until Succot when the Gog-Magog war would occur. Which year was not shown. For me it is quite possible that the Gog-Magog war will start in the middle instead of the beginning of the Tribulation. The burning of weapons is not necessarily for the 7 year tribulation period I believe.
Again thanks everyone and God bless you.