Judy Morford (4 Nov 2010)
""You Will Not Die"...My Experience"

Hi John and Doves,
I am writing this in obedience to the impression from the Lord that I should do so...after reading Jim's account of the 85 yr. old lady who felt she would be alive at the rapture.
I am not in my 80's but in my sixties.  This event happened in 1993.  I was driving home from one of the most difficult days of my adult life.  I was stopped at an intersection near my home when I clearly heard in my mind, "You will not die."  In my anguish, I was honestly irritated with the Lord and replied, "That means I am going to get so sick that I will think I could die...I don't want that."  I did indeed become very ill in a life changing illness with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  My world turned upside down with no medical help but my own research, guided by the Lord's gentle direction.
In His kindness and patience, He led me through a series of visions over several months that revealed the clear depth of His love for me.  In one, we walked along the beach, looking back over our shoulders in sorrow for what lay ahead for those who had refused Him.  However, we were quickly drawn towards the joy that waited ahead for us.  While I remained who I am in personality, our thoughts were so synchronized that they were in exact rhythm.
In another moment Jesus was reclining in a white silk tent,  He beckoned me to join Him and He was smiling with great joy.  I was stunned and looked around to see who He might be motioning to, but it was indeed me.  I was clearly His Bride.  At the time, I had no knowledge of Jewish wedding tents but this was certainly what I saw and entered.
I have been refined and humbled in the intervening years.  I see myself as wholly unworthy of the joy that awaits us and yet the words echo "You will not die." They have come to be a beacon of His loving light and hope.
My daughters have also had rapture dreams.  One experienced being raptured, the physical sensations and seeing Jesus.  When she became conscious, her entire body was tingling as she felt as if she had been gently returned to her bed. Her daughter, my granddaughter,  has a life threatening allergy to peanuts.  As a toddler of 18 months, she said to her Mom,  "Look, do you see the angel over there under the bush?"  She was most frustrated that her Mom could not see the angel she so clearly described.  As a preschooler, she reported after her nap one day that Jesus had come to visit her and promised He would heal her.  She described that He came through the ceiling into her room.  She was very concerned about His "owies".  My daughter had not yet told her about Jesus's death on the cross, however, she accurately described the wounds in His hands and feet. He promised He would heal her.  That promise awaits fulfilment as she is about to turn 14.  Will it be at the rapture?
We are so very close!! If we keep our focus on His face, we are given the grace to live the next 24 hours.  Keep on expecting to see Him at any moment...it is the joy that draws each of us through these difficult days.  God bless!
Judy Morford