Joe M (1 Nov 2010)
"This morning in prayer"


This Sunday morning, the Lord spoke to my wife.  It's hard to write every sentence, hard to keep up.  Here's what I did write.

"Stand for righteousness.  Don't be intimidated by the enemy.  Defend righteousness.  Defend me.  Reach out to the poor, the lowly, the rejected.  I will go through the mountains to find the lost sheep.  Go after the lost sheep and tell them I love them.  I long to be a father to the fatherless, a doctor to the sick, a comforter to those who weep.  They scoff at me, but I still love them.  I see them kneeling to strange gods...  I will heal their wounds.  I will take it all away.  I will give them the fountain of life.  A new life, a new start, a new beginning.  Am I only a God of judgment and wrath?  I am a God of mercy.  The truth has been hid from them.  While my people are suffering, they (the worldly) seem to be prospering.  It's a deception so the Christians will go back to the world thinking it's better.  But it's not.  It may seem you will drown, but I'm in the boat.  You will not drown.  Heaven is not a place that is boring.  It is full of life.  The flowers, the trees, the angels.  The joy that's awaiting them.  Everything's ready, everything's prepared.  My bride is coming to see me.  It won't be long.  I'm coming very soon.  Many are becoming discouraged.  They are slipping backwards because they've become doubtful I'm coming soon.  It will  be quick.  It will be sudden.  I have given warning.  Many are seeing them but not taking them to heart anymore.  But it's close.  The anti-christ is ready to take over.  The New World Order...  Even this week, things will happen.  Mankind will never experience the evil they will experience soon because evil will be unleashed in full force.  While many are sleeping, I am coming.  While many are playing, I am coming.  While many are in unforgiveness, I am coming.  While many are in falsehood, I am coming.  While many are cold and lukewarm, I am coming.  While many have given up hope, I am coming.  Be ready.  Don't be comfortable with sinners.  Don't be comfortable with sin.  The door of grace is about to be shut for the church.  I wish many would walk therein and be saved.  I wish that none would perish.  I've given man a choice.  Life or death.  Me or satan.  They want to live in fun.  They don't want truth.  No matter who you are, the wages of sin is death.  Through my standards, I will judge man."

Joe M