Joe Chappell (11 Nov 2010)
"Re : Jovial........Is the USA the nation mentioned in Isaiah 18?"

Dear Jovial,
I have felt for some time now, that the US is in fact the nation mentioned in Isaiah 18. I memorized the chapter, and recite it sometimes as a eulogy to out nation.
In 1992, I lived in Southern Spain, and the TV Show " Bay Watch"  was the most popular television show in the entire world. It was seen around the world weekly, by nearly a Billion people.  These "Bay Watch " people , " blond and bronzed", ( scattered and peeled ), jogging in slow motion down the beach, were the Symbol of " America " to the world.  Believe me.
I stumbled on this article by Bob Westbrook a couple of yrs ago, and fully agree with it 
blessings, jc