Joe Chappell (10 Nov 2010)
"My missile vision"

Dear Doves,
   Today on the Radio Talk Shows, the misterious missile launch off the coast of California,  was all the buzz. Here in Tampa , we have thousands of retired military. Many of them experts on missile launch. A number called in to comment. It boils down, to either it was us, on purpose ( likely ) or a mistake, ( highly unlikely ) or a submarine launch, by a foreign power.  One former military man , who served on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific, reported that they had been followed by a Chinese submarine , off the coast of South Korea, and had no idea it was behind them, until one of their jet pilots saw it as he came in for a landing.
This is the exact post I sent to the Doves in August of this year.  I really thought I was sticking my neck out then, but now I know it is entirely possible.  
Nothing is too bizarre to consider anymore.  
blessings, jc
Dear Doves,

I may have posted this some time back, but I can not find it when I google for it on Five Doves, and I don't know how to use the archives on this site. Please forgive me.

About three years ago, I was in prayer one day, and I asked the Lord, what will be the next world event?

What I meant, was what would be the next event to grab all the headlines, like Katrina, or the Tsunami of Christmas Day 2004.

His immediate reply to me was two words, " the missiles "

Surprised, I replied " the missiles ".   

Then I remembered the vision I had had in 2000, when among other things, I saw something streaking across the sky, like a rocket ,or frankly, the Space Shuttle. ( I live in Florida, and have seen many spectacular shuttle launches ). ( So far that vision has been 100% accurate )

Since that time, I have had two experiences, both of which occured  while I was watching one of those action adventure movies with my young son , at the theater.

Suddenly on the big screen, I saw missiles streaking across the sky. At the moment, they had nothing to do with the movie. I was surprised, and it made a very clear impression on me. Later , when those movies came out on DVD, I rented them, to see if the missiles were on them, and they were not. The experience was for my eyes only.

I strongly feel, that there is a missile attack imminent . I don't know where, or when, I only have my feelings to go on about that. With all the rumors flying today concerning Iran, Korea, China, you name it , could be anywhere or time. I used to think it was New York City, and it could well be.

Another thing that has constantly been on my thoughts about this, is the timing will be Summer.  As I study the scriptures, especially Isaiah, Psalms and Ezekiel, I see a constant allusion to the harvest season, in connection to a sudden destruction. Isaiah 18 for example,
" when the bud is perfect........".

I have wondered many times if this is the destruction of Damascus , Isaiah 17.  Or maybe something closer to home, even on the shores of America ?

Watching, warning, praying....... joe chappell