Jimmy Lishman (19 Nov 2010)
"Time is UP"

Hi Doves,

I must share this call for all the watchers and seekers.


Praise be to GOD we are the terminal generation, they that saw the budding of the fig tree in 14 May 1948.

In prayer this morning after reading Daniel 9, I realised truly time is up, as Daniel realised their 70 years were up and asked the LORD "What Now LORD? - the time is up!"

and in harmony with this, the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask in the same vein of the LORD and to press this upon the hearts of those seeking HIS coming –

ask NOW - and await HIS answer, for HE will hear the cry of HIS servants.


Love in our coming MESSIAH – JESUS CHRIST – KING of KINGS


James P Lishman