Jim Bramlett (1 Nov 2010)
"85-year-old's amazing childhood revelation"

Deer friends:

This morning I was talking to a dear lady in my church, Agnes, who will be 85 years old this week.  She reminded me of a profound thing that happened to her when she was just six years old -- 79 years ago. It has been an important part of her ever since.  She has never forgotten it.

Agnes is truly a godly woman.  She said that one day at age 6 there was a deep impression in her spirit that she would be alive when the Lord returns.  It was a revelation.  She asked her friends about it and they didn't know what she was talking about.

She knew nothing about Bible prophecy, or even the Bible, much less about eschatology.  It was just impressed upon her that she would be alive when He returns.

She did not know what the rapture was, or the difference between the rapture and the Second Coming, but now she realizes the revelation concerned the rapture.

The revelation was so strong that she has never doubted and has held firm to that belief for all these many decades.  She believes it just as strongly today as she ever did.

Now that she will be 85 this week, she believes the rapture must be extremely close.

I have a 98-year-old cousin, Andy, who never had such a revelation but believes the rapture is so close it must be just any day.  He is longing for it, as is Agnes.

Thank God for these older saints who have been so faithful.  Surely, the Lord will not disappoint them.