JH (9 Nov 2010)
"Nov. 11 possible Rapture"

Get ready!.......another J.H. letter!
......you thought I finally gave up?!....sorry!.....no way!  Focus on the DELETE button, OR read on. I usually send this  letter to 8-10 people (reputable/admirable prophecy types) and each one of you either shifts into natural curiosity OR sends me a disciplinary note.......the choice is yours; so see what you can glean from the following.  Don't we need all the clues we can get?  Don't give in to scofferism until all possibility of figuring has come to an end. I'm just 'thinking outloud' and there's no one else who will understand this subject (the BIGGEST subject on EARTH!) or want to.  If I were in a large discussion group with you, we would be sharing hundreds of thoughts anyway.  Why is a letter a seeming 'attack' to your mind?  Just delete the letter and forget about it or see what I have to say.  I only write to give YOU hope anyway since I admire that you study prophecy intently.
Thursday, NOV. 11 is a likely day for the beginning of the 2520 for the following reasons:
Nov. is 11th month, 11th day and Scorpio (death sign) 22 (11, 11); (11=judgment).... spec.
Succoth, 2010 (Sep. 23) plus 49 days is Nov. 11.  There was a 49-day
waiting period from Jesus' Resurrection to Shavuot (Pentecost).
The veil to the Holy of Holies already tore; thus Yom Kippur is no longer applicable or in need of fulfillment (so much for the last letter!). Thus the Feast to be focused upon is the 7th....Tabernacles.  After all, Tabernacles is the Millennium's primary celebration (Zech. 14) and the final group of people to be FORGIVEN is the Jewish Remnant who call Jesus back to earth at the end of the 2520 days.  Only Tabernacles applies from then on, since the Feasts that formerly involved payment for sins (Rosh/Yom,etc.) will be used for memory's sake and not for forgiveness any longer.  Tabernacles is the 7th Feast, 7 days long, 7th Jewish mth, 70 sacrifices offered, 7th day was Tishrei 21 (777) and Tishrei 10 (Yom Kip) is 7 x 10 = 70.....i.e. earth's PERFECTION.  Remember that earth is built on sevens (7 colors, 7 notes, 7 days, 7 Millenniums......hundreds of sevens.....see #7 in Scoffields Concordance).  8 is Heavenly, sinless, perfect, immaculate - thus Jesus' conception......OUT of earth's system of sevens.
The REASON that Tabernacles will be so very prominent in the Millennium is that something HUGE will have HAPPENED.....WHAT??????....perhaps the SECOND COMING!!!  You know that it has always been the primary day of JOY for the Hebrews since the time of Moses anyway.  The other 6 feasts deal with sin/hope of forgiveness.  Tabernacles was always the celebration of the Yom Kippur forgiveness and was a mega procession of singing/shouting/trumpeting.  Know too that 70 sacrifices were offered on each of the 6 days of Succoth (1 sacrifice for each of the 70 nations) with a holiday end of great rejoicing on Tishrei 21 (7th day Succoth/Hoshana Rabah) and the command to KEEP the 8th Day as a HOLY CONVOCATION (Shemini Atzoreth, Lev. 23:36).  This 8th Day (8 is Jesus' #) is the day Jesus will likely to enter the Temple (30 days after His Return/Oct 12) to reconsecrate it (ending the 2300 days of Daniel 8:13-14).  This is the case after the earth has reverted back 23 days, then + 30 days mourning. Tishrei 22 is Oct. 12, & will be as Nov. 4 if the -23 is not figured in.
With this in mind and knowing that only Succoth will matter, then Oct. 5, 2017 is the Return of the Lord.  Oct. 5 is Tishrei 15 (Succoth/Jesus' B-day) and is also Libra 15 (perfect 'balance of judgment scales') and the continual day for every Succoth for 1000 yrs.  When the earth backs up 20-23 days to Sept. 12-15, the 2 calendars and the Mazzarot will be in perfect synchronization. Every year in the Millen Tabernacle at Tish 15 will be Sept. 15 & Libra 15 as well.
Sept. 12 of 2017 (date when earth is straight) is Elul 21 (still in the 2016 Rosh year/5777).  Add the 30 days mourning (Zech. 12:10) to arrive at Succoth 8, Tishrei 22, the 8th day of Succoth (Oct. 12).  This is the day that Jesus will ENTER JERUSALEM from Petra via Bosrah/Isaiah 63.  This is the likely day the Temple will be RECONSECRATED, the end of the 2300 days of Temple Worship which will likely begin on Tammuz 17, (July 19, 2011), the first of the 4 fast days that will be "turned to joy," (Zech 8:19).  The great Divine Victory in the mts of Israel (following the N. Invasion of Israel) would probably be on Tevet 10 (one of the 4 fast days), then spanning seven months of burying/bone search/bldg 3rd Temple until Tammuz 17.  It also works as Dec. 19, 2010 to July 19, 2011.  With this in mind, the N. Invasion of Israel is possibley Kislev 24 (Haggai 2).
The 8th Day of Succoth, Jesus' Entrance into Temple to Reconsecrate, is Oct. 12 w/ the -23 considered and Nov. 4 w/out the -23 considered.  They are both the 'same day.'
You should understand that Kislev 24 was Creation Day (Hag 6:18, "foundation was laid..") and Tevet 1 (7 days later) the COUNT for Creation began.  Jesus was conceived on the 8th Day of the 8th Feast (immaculate, Heavenly, not part of the 7 Feasts & NOT commanded to be celebrated) because +280 days of human/40 wks gestation is Succoth, Tishrei 15, His Birth.  Succoth, Tish 22 (8th Day of Succoth) was Jesus' Circumcision Day (not only the beginning of His human identity as a JEW, but commanded by God to be a Holy Convocation).
Today, the 8th Feast is celebrated as Hanukkah and is actually the celebration of Temple Dedication (even though the A.D. Macabbees victory is emphasized as well).  Jesus attended this Feast and on the 8th day and amidst all the bright lights, shouted, "I am the Light of the World."  You do know that Jesus fulfilled ( & WILL fulfill) EVERY FEAST:
                       O.T.                                             N.T.                                       
(Nisan 10 Lamb into home)                      Jesus into Temple on Donkey
1st Passover out of Egypt                    Crucifixion, human race chance to escape death
2nd unleav bread, Hebrews into desert      Jesus into tomb
3rd Firstfruits/Crossed Red Sea               Resurrection (Firstfruits)
4th Shavuot/Law Given                            Church Born/Holy Spirit Given (Pentecost)
5th Rosh/prep for atonement day              enmeshed in the straightening of the earth (+10 days of awe)
6th Yom Kip/yearly forgiveness                fulfilled at tearing of the Temple veil
7th Succoth/protec. in tents 40 yrs            Jesus Born
8th Creation (8 days Creation to Count)    Jesus Conceived Tevet 1 (280 before Succoth, Tish 15)
     8th Feast not commanded to celebrate
     because it deals w/ perfection,
     Heavenly, sinless, new, immaculate,
     OUTSIDE of earth's perfec of SEVEN
The End of the Trib is Tevet 1, 75 days past Tabernacles (the Return).   True Christmas is Jesus' Conception Day of Tevet 1.  Kislev 24 through Tevet 1 is 8 days.  The 8th Day from Creation was a Sunday, of course; and Creation Day (Kislev 24) was a Sunday.  Any human gestation period of 280 days +75 days = ONE JEWISH YEAR.
As for the mid trib (a.c. into Temple/killed, etc.), 1260 past the Rapture, it is April 24 (Nisan 24), 2014.  April 24 is Taurus 1.  The Mazzarot Gospel Sign of Taurus is the Raging Bull, God's fiercest anger unleashed.  (Apr 24 will be Apr 1 when the earth is straight).   Also Apr. 24/Nisan 24 is 888, Jesus' name in Greek letters (supernatural protect. in Petra begins)..spec.
When the earth reverts back to Sept. 12, 2017, the day of the week is a '3rd day,' Tuesday(Hosea 6:2-3).  Even though Sept. 12 is in the year 2017, it is in Rosh year of 2016, 5777.  Thus it is not yet the Rosh Hashana 5778.  I shared w/ you before that 5777 is the number of inches from base of Pyramid w/ capstone - a study not of my own doing, but interesting, indeed.  Also it's 5449" w/out the capstone, same as the 5449 sum of all the Hebrew letters of Isaiah 19:19,20, the great Pyramid verses (separate study).
The year 2016 minus 15 uncounted years is 2001/6001, the beginning of the 121'st Jubilee (7th Millennium).  The subtraction of these 15 years is the ONLY way one can explain the 7th Millennium beginning on a ONE year (namely 2001/6001).
                    7-yr trib, Satan's years, not counted in God's sacred 6,000-yr calendar
                    4 yrs (Jesus' Ministry of 3.5 years, counted as 4 yrs since mths were never counted)
                           Jesus counted it all JOY to go to the cross, so during His ministry He was not
                           STRIVING with man (as promised in Gen. 6:3) for the 120 Jubilees/6,000 yrs.
                           Also, for these 3.5 yrs (counted as 4) the possibilities for healings, salvation
                           and resurrection were INFINITE because the TRINITY was walking the earth,
                           thus His ministry was 'Millennial' in nature & not counted in the promised 6,000.
                    2 yrs,  Creation as zero year (eternity for humans) and the count started over for the
                          6,000-yr promise (Gen. 6:3) as a zero, but first JUBILEE span could only start
                          on a ONE year.....thus, 2 years not counted.
                    1 yr, Jesus' birth to age one, as a baby's months were never counted in their age
                    1 yr preparation, Jeremiah 51:46, because the promise IS the fulfillment (as for
                          Abr, Hana, Nebuchad, Elizabeth & Esther's 1-yr prep..i.e. knew 1 yr ahead)
Total: 15 yrs not counted
Well, if you got this far, you're very flexible and you are still NOT a scoffer.  I didn't review the mighty completed patterns in this letter (40, 50, 60, 100, 120's, 90's, 490, 2520, 400, 80, 70, etc. etc.) but surely you know them by now.  The Rapture & trib will all happen anyway, either by my 'presumptuous figuring' or God's way which is a 'bit more dependable' to say the least............Take care...........J.H.