JH (13 Nov 2010)
""Flash" Hallelujah Chorus! at Macys"


"Flash" Hallelujah Chorus! at Macys
use earphones........downright Millennial!...."Every knee shall bow!"

    Just last  Saturday, 10/30/2010, one such special event
         While the store was filled with ordinary shoppers, more than 600
    "shoppers" burst into a full chorus of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from
    Handel's "Messiah." The "happening" event was staged by the
    Philadelphia Opera Company and engaged volunteers from just about every school, church and singing group in the city. This little 5-minute clip really
         deserves a look and listen, in my opinion.


         The organ is known around the world as the "Wanamaker Organ"
    because John Wanamaker installed this 28,500+ pipe instrument in the "Grand
    Hall" at the center of his 7-story department store. The cross-shaped
    store opened in 1909 and fills a city block. The entire top floor is set up as
    a pipe organ maintenance and repair shop and once engaged 40
    employees to expand and maintain the instrument. Obviously, my own
    enthusiasm for pipe organs pales in comparison to that of John