JH (11 Nov 2010)
"Nov. 14"

Don't panic.  I'm not finished until SUNDAY.  Just add the following to the last letter.  Mind you I'm only sharing this with a couple of you since only YOU may desire to 'fine tune' the details at this point.
75 days (the Return plus the 30 + 45) minus 23 days is 52 days; and Succoth 2010 (Sept 23) plus 52 days is this Sunday, Nov. 14; thus 52 is on each side of the trib.
Counts start on SUNDAYS (thus, Sun, Nov. 14), probable Rapture.
All the following AND' the great events of the Church, happened on Sundays:
Creation (Kis 24), Creation count (8th day/Tev 1), Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost & probably the Rapture. 
The important thing is for the two 1260's, 1290 and 1335 to still work properly. 
1260 - a.c. keeps covenant w/ Israel (count starts on a Sun, whether SIGNING is on Th or Sun), til a.c. 'breaks' covenant, with the count ending on a SUNDAY (when a.c. 'rises').
1260 - 2 witnesses' ministry til killed by 'risen' anti-christ
1260 - supernatural protection in Petra for believing Jews (Thur, Aprl 24, 2014) to Retuirn Thur, Oct. 5, 2017, Tabernacles
1290 - abomin of desol (Th, Apr. 24, 2014) to Jesus into Temple Sat., Nov. 4, 2017
1335 - abomin of desol (Th, Apr. 24, 2014) to end of trib, Tev. 1, 2017
Also, this Sunday is Kislev 7 and the entire Trib also ENDS Kislev 7 (Nov. 26, 2017); thus entire trib is Kislev 7 to Kislev 7, seven perfect Jewish years.
All else is as previously shared........J.H