Jennie (25 Nov 2010)
"Rapture Timing???"

I was just sitting here reading everyone's post about the Rapture.  Then I stopped for a moment and had a thought:
We have four seasons     Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
I believe that if God does Rapture us it would be either Spring or Fall.
Now I am leaning more into fall because so much has happened with Israel in the Spring.
I don't believe the Rapture will happen on a Jewish Feast Day because God says no one will know and won't be looking.  Well, every year goes by and we all look at the Feast Days??  Also, all of the Jewish Feasts in Spring are complete.
So, my thinking on this is the Rapture will happen during Fall sometime.  We have until Dec. 20th to find out.  If the Rapture doesn't happen before winter, then we might have to wait until next year sometime???  This is just my taking on this, I just wanted to throw this out to everyone.  
Just for note:  All the Blessed Dreams/Visions that the Lord has shown me HAPPENS during the Fall seasons.  Also, lately the Lord showed me how close the AC is right now and the Black Horse peeking around the corner of a building.  I believe he is trying to show me that we are on the Brink of Rapture/Destruction in the World.   Just my opinion of course.    YSIC  Jennie/Rose