Jean Stepnoski (4 Nov 2010)
"Servant Lamp: In the Midst of the Menorah"

Dear Doves,
      There are a number of significant motifs of 7 now. I have been trying to see four of them leading up to The Blessed Hope and three of 7 later. My clues about the 3 of 7 later are found in The Book of Revelation. The clue and fact that The Master is standing in the midst of the menorah, the 7 pronged candlestick in the throne room of Heaven, must be important or it would not be there. The more difficult task has been looking for the 4 significant 7 motifs earlier. The servant lamp position is 4. This number looks like a door swinging open or shut on a hinge.
       Since Yom Kippur on the Hillel calendar, we are in the final 7 years before Jubilee is declared on 9-30-2017. Also, we are in the last, the 7 of 7, of the Sabbatical Cycles. There is more. The 7 Feasts of the Lord have been concluded for the Scriptural year, begun at Nisan/Abib 1. Next, we are nearly at the conclusion of the last harvest of the species, or crops of Israel, according to The Scriptures. The olive harvest, the 7 of 7 is nearly complete. The harvests of all, are nearly finished. So we have 4 very important motifs of 7 each.
      What happens in Revelation after the door is opened, post The Blessed Hope? There are 3 clusters, of 7 each of the judgments. Add all these and the pattern is 4 plus 3. What is the last of the first 4? It would seem to be the last harvest of olives. Olive oil and lamps are a major theme in the ancient Jewish wedding model. But did you know that the servant lamp on the menorah, was designed to feed the olive oil to the other 6 lamps? What oil was used for any menorah? It was always olive oil! We are nearly to the Midst of the Menorah, where The Master shall stand. And we, hopefully, will have the strength to stand before the son of man. We will be at the Midst, any day now. There will be the last olive tree somewhere in Israel to be the last of the last. Olives began to be harvested in the Gaza a few days ago. We shall see The Master, He who is symbolic of The Servant Lamp, very soon. May we WATCH for the finest light of all!
With Love and Shalom,