Jean Stepnoski (29 Nov 2010)
"Quadruple Hanukkah Connections"

Dear Doves,
      My thanks to Daniel Matson for all his searching of The Scriptures and studying the signs of the times. His latest article and chart help to connect more dots. The themes of Hanukkah 2010, symbolic of the conception of The Messiah/Christ, and Tabernacles 2017, symbolic of His Second Coming and Second Dwelling with us, are worth considering. Hanukkah 2010 to Hanukkah 2017 can be seen as a cycle of His conception to birth. It can also relate to the birth pangs of The Kingdom.
      The period from 165 BC to 5 BC was 160 years, or 40 times 4. A period of forty days or years is a time of preparation according to The Scriptures. The number 4 is symbolic of The Messiah/Christ as The Door and The Servant Lamp on a 7 lamps/lights menorah. The period of gestation of a person is 280 days or 9 months. If we divide the 2520 days of The Hour of Tribulation by 280 we get 9. A hanukkiah has 9 lamps/lights. Divide 2520 by 40 and we get 63. It is nearly 63 years since the establishment of Zionist Israel. Are these numerical patterns coincidental? The patterns seem to be in place by divine design and plan.
      We can see 4 or quadruple major Hanukkah connections in past and in future. The first is from Kislev 25 in 168 BC until Kislev 25 in 165 BC, with the first celebration of Hanukkah. There was The Abomination, then the fighting back and taking back with the complete victory of the forces led by the Maccabee family against the forces led by Antiochus Epiphanes IV.
      The second Hanukkah connection began at Hanukkah in 5 BC with the conception of The Messiah of Israel, when He began to be The Word Made Flesh. Then we go forward to the last Hanukkah of His public ministry when He declared Himself to be The Light of the World. This last Hanukkah of His life seemed to be the last attempt to convince the Temple authorities, those from The Court of the Priests, that He was their long anticipated Messiah. The crowds were not following Him there in The Court of the Gentiles, as they would a few months later at The First Passover of the new Spiritual Year. His Spiritual Light, which began at conception, was being publicly rejected that Hanukkah by many of the leaders of national and religious Israel. Only a few months later at  Passover, the whole of the leadership of national Israel rejected their Messiah. Notably, Caiaphas rejected The Messiah. One can see His Last Hanukkah as THE LAST CHANCE for the leadership of national Israel to SEE THE LIGHT walking on Solomon's Porch. In this period The Messiah/Christ was The Greatest Life Ever Lived and The Greatest Spiritual Light, The Light of the World. Add in the future two sets of Hanukkah connections seen by Daniel Matson and we have the 4 or quadruple Hanukkah connections which point to The Master. The number 4 relates to Him.
      If The Hour of Tribulation years match Psalms 110-117, then there are few days left in 2010 to set events into motion. Before us are days to be unlike the goodman of his house in our Master's teachings. The owner and master of his house really believed he had more time with his treasures. Instead, his treasures disappeared. His treasures were his children. If children vanish, is it not like the Hanukkah lights going to darkness? Would it not be a low point for The House of Israel if there are no little children to light the lights, spin the dreidels, and open the presents? Such loss, loneliness, and sadness would be akin to the surprise, shock, and horror of The Abomination on Kislev  25 in 168 BC, blasphemy and sacrilege by Antiochus Epiphanes IV.The Abomination was stunning and a profound spiritual catalyst. It was a horrible low point, the nadir. Then the few against the many began to rise up and go forward. As before, so again? Will there be the nadir and then the ascent?
      What if there is a convergence of The Blessed Hope and a day of Hanukkah in 2010? Are THE CHILDREN a key component of the events? The teaching of The Master about the goodman of his house should be remembered. We need to WATCH each day now for The Light of the World to appear in His Season, Day, Hour, Minute, and Second in the twinkling of an eye.
With Love and Shalom,