Jan Mikael (5 Nov 2010)
"RE to L.Lee - your Ark Dream, and my escape-dream tell's it's close to happen !"

Dk, 4.11.2o1o, to L.Lee !
When we have dreams, it is most of the time in pictures, often not so easy to find the right words to explain, most people know that.
Im sure your dream of the Ark both tell you how close it is to happen, but also how to take care of your family and people around you. - It have never to do with how much people know, but who they trust in, in there hearts.- Remember Jesus word's about the children, if we not become like children again, we would never enter the Kingdom of God's.
That the door not is shut, means there still a litle time left, but the wind and rain tell's that it's very close to happen, - remember it was the Lord who shut the door when Noah and family were inside, and then it was shut and no one could open it again.
Perhaps this also is one of the risen, why he not answer my cry for to understand my dream. Perhaps it means: you allredy know what you need, - look at the time you live in, and how people react when you warn them, and then think about your dream again !
"In my dream I was divorced, and lived in a wonderfull pent-house, with a great and free wiev, over the sea.
I loved my new appartment, and I think I have a kind of house-warming, because a lot of christian friends and family-members, my children and also my x-wife was there.
My x-wife, my youngest daugther and I, sat with a table, and talked together, and all over the appartment people talked with each other, the whole atmosphere seem's open, friendly and warm.
But suddenly I saw something on the sky, outside the windows to the balcon. It was like a slowly fallen leaf from a tree. No sound at all, just this silent fall from the sky, outside my windows. I looked back to my guests and said: take a look, whats going on ? - but no one listen. Then I looked out again, and I saw it became bigger and bigger, and the tempo it fall with have hasten.
Now it took form like an open boat or coach without wheel, and I heard a voice say: its time to go now Jan. - first I was surprised, and then I called my guest with high voice: I think its time for us to go now, but I got no reaction from them.

I was surprised, dont understood, and looked at them, but they were all like - "paralyzed,- frozen in time," and it was like they could not, or would not hear me ? -  I dont no how to describe it, just hope you'll understand my feelings in this strange situation.
Then again I heard the voice: you must come now Jan, its time: Come up Here. -
I looked arround a little stressed, - perhaps I also tried to call again ? - but no reaction, so I run to the balcon, jumped into that beautiful "somethings, like a open boat- coach" and in a split-second, it goes direct to the sky." - end of my dream !  
For a long time I thought I would have a new appartment (and of course it could happen) but now I feel more that the appartment with the open wiev, talk about the situation im in, have vision, given a open wiev, but couldn't make people to believe it, and see how close we are to the end of the church-time,
but of course my pray is: dear Lord Jesus, I want to say yes and thanks Lord, for your invitation to the wedding in Heaven, pleace help me to become worthy, open my eyes, ears, heart and mind for you, and let the Holy Spirit finish me !
Come Lord Jesus, come soon, change us, and take us Home to you.
Marana-tha - in the love from Jesus, Jan Mikael  ><> *