Jan Mikael (30 Nov 2010)
"to Gary and (Veronica): about about your letter yesterday !"

Dk.29.11.2o1o, to Gary and Veronica, - about your letter on Five Doves yesterday !
Friends, from my heart thanks for sharing this, - I was taken with (good) surprise, - because I have feeled the Lord saying to me: Jan: dont
argue with people, who dont listen at all, - there is no more time given, so dont hurt your-self unnecessary - you can save no one !
So you shall only give response to those with the same believe, and those who listen to, or direct ask you questions. It realy chocked me, I frighten I was to proud, so I prayed and asked forgivness, but the words were still the same: Dont cast your pearls for Swine ! 
So I was realy astounded, when I read about Veronicas similar experience, thanks and bless. - Praise our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ !
And the Lord also said: trust in me, look only at and follow me, - Psalm 23. is for you, and your brothers and sisters in me. - Listen only to what the Holy Spirit reveal to you. stand firm, remember Rev. 3:7-13.v.- Im on my way, to take those belonging to me - Home for ever !
May God bless and protect both of you, in the Love from Jesus Christ our Lord and Love.
see you soon, - Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael  ><> ><> ><> *
Gary (29 Nov 2010)
"Re; Barrys' post"

Dear Barry: 

Thank you for your reply. I was absolutely astounded by your post I guess it could be summarized as; resisting the truth because they are men of corrupt minds who are reprobate concerning the faith. We are trying to come to fully terms with the words God is speaking directly to us and through His people.

My wife Veronica has had several dreams of the rapture, but the Lord has only recently impressed on us the nearness of His return. My wife was debating the rapture at the ladies meeting and the scriptures she expounded could not be refuted, but they were merely dismissed. The Lord spoke to Veronica on the way home and said; ‘Cast not your pearls before swine’. (There was considerable hostility in this meeting).

We both were amazed at what God had said, as it appears we thought much more highly of them we should have, since the word of God showed their true light. The Lord certainly came with a sword. The pastors’ wife said; ‘If I’m wrong I will have to apologize to you’. I said to Veronica; it’s not you she will need to apologize to it is to the folk who they are misleading and will be robbed eternally, since they do not enter into the kingdom of God themselves and prevent others from entering, who would enter.

Shortly after the Word of God came:

Gal 4:30  Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman. 

The implications of this word to me was staggering – not heirs!? This word absolutely agrees with what you posted. This then has caused me to marvel at the grace bestowed upon those who are the true heirs, to whom the truth has been revealed. It is now becoming evident that this wonderful grace is in fact only to a chosen few, though many are called. 

I attended one more service, the pastor hiding behind his lectern cowardly remarking some in the church being divisive whilst some looking over at us. I reckon the leaders felt threatened, and confused defending the faith with being divisive. 

We could not return, when asked why we were not coming back, we replied the church does not teach the rapture and as we will not be able to be silent so we will be considered divisive if we remain. Like you Barry we do not intend to let the religious  take our crown.