Jan Mikael (16 Nov 2010)
"Answer about my Dream: ' it's delayed for 10 days '"

DK, 15.11,2o1o.
I got my dream the night 11 of Nov. the night following my birthday 10 of Nov. - But I must confess, Im not sure what the precise meaning is ?
Thats the risen why I waited a whole day, before I wrote it down and send it, also because of that the only thing I could remember, was I was together with some unknow people, and we were all in a condition of great disappointment.
When I was alone again, I asked the Lord how to understand the situation, and I got this answer to my prayer and question.
>> It's Delayed for 10 Days Jan, - or - (I Have Delayed It for 10 Days Jan) << 
I was deep disappointed, because of I have waited for our - 'Escape - Transformation' - few months back, I have said to the Lord: I dont even know the day for your comming, but He's
answer was: Oh yes you know, and always have Jan.
But the only thing I could remember was, that He have told me, He was in my home the morning I was born, 10 of Nov 1938, - I thought it was what He mean, thats why I waited for Hi's intervention 10 or 11 of Nov. like a lot of other, (including they of me unknown people in my dream)
But thinking it over, I can see some funny thing with the dates 10-11=21 or 10 days later, (delayed for 10 days) even my birth-year 1938 count 21, - and it's also funny that this year 2o1o count 21, so 2 x 21 or 111 - 111 - coincidences ??? - at least 'funny ironical'
Another thought, perhaps we have misunderstood what Event there was Delayed ??? - or perhaps the Delay is because of prayer from Christians, who pray against destruction - as a kind of 'restrainer's' ? 
My feeling now is: we always have to be prepared for a " Twinkle of an Eye - Intervention " of the Lord, it could happen ANY moment. - but Only God know the Exact Time-Hour !
It remind me of the situation with 'the 10 virgins' - the Bridgroom did NOT come in the of man 'Predicted Hour' - and then 'All fall Asleep' - and only five was still ready, when the 'Midnight-Call' it sounded: the Bridegroom are Coming now, go: and 'light Him in' - and then He Came, - in a 'Unexpected Hour' - and only the five waiting were ready. 
I think we all should pray for each other, that the Holy Spirit will help us to be ready, to be found worthy, understanding that it all will happen like a Flash of lightning ! 
In the love from our Lord and love Jesus Christ, - ybic, Jan Mikael - ><> *