Jan Mikael (1 Nov 2010)
"re to Chris M: the 'Twin-Towers-11' - was a Midnigths-call-sign."

"understand: the 'Twin-Towers-11'
 was a Midnigths-Call-Sign."

Im sure, the Almeighty allowed the evil spirit's destruction of WTO's Twin-Towers, 9.11 2oo1, and changed it to a Warning-sign, - a sign who shall tell us, that the count down for endtime now have started.
As Chris M. pointed out yesterday, 11 could be seen in the two Lampstands and the two Olive-trees standing in front of the Lord Rev. 11:4.v. and Zech. chpt. 4. 
If this is the case, then the attack on Twin-Tower's was a direct taunt against the Almeighty and our Lord, a 'evil' challenge, who the Lord will react on - I think we shall remember Isaiah 42:14.v. and Psalm 2. etc.
I use a picture of the 'Twin-Towers' - I*I' - on the N.Y. skyline, because I think they symbolize '11' - also think about the waited Solar-Eclipse now on the 11.o7.
and the dangerous situation between Israel and Iran  (like in Esters and Hamans days) Im sure the Almeigthy want us to understand, that - 11 - is a Midnigth Call-Sign !


since 9.11, there have been a lot of  '11 - 11' experience's. - But let's never forget, that Nothing, absolutly Nothing can happen, if the Almeighty God not allow it.
but remind: God always listen to Hi's children's pray and cry, - so let's talk to our Father in Heaven, and ask for Hi's help and protection, - but remember that it most be Hi's will who have to be done, - in the name of Jesus Christ - just trust in Him !
PS: also remember 1 - the break-down of the Berlin-wall on 9.11.1989 !
2 - and the comming to N.Y. of anubis the Egyptian god for Death on late march this year, now placed in Denver. - and a LOT of other so called 'coincidences'

Have a blessed weekend, in the Love from Jesus ><> *
Marana'tha, ybic, Jan Mikael