Jan (3 Nov 2010)
"To Mary Anna--re: Corrie Ten Boom"

Thanks, Mary Ann, for your response!

I, too, got the chance to hear Corrie speak. She'd had "6 silent years" before her Home-going (on her birthday, BTW! :) )
(She'd had a stroke, and could barely speak a word, but her mind stayed so sharp.  She blessed others so, even then!) 

As she went Home in 1983, I must have seen her (in Albuquerque) about 1975 or so......

I remember her pronounced-- and charming-- Dutch accent, as she proclaimed,
"When God forgives our sins, He promises to forget them. 
He takes our sins and throws them into the d-e-e-p-e-s-t ocean, and do you know what He does then
----a pause here for effect, while we all waited with anticipation-- 
He puts up a sign, and the sign says "NO FISHING ALLOWED!"
(What a lesson in forgiving ourselves, if God has forgiven us!

She also held up a flashlight, and turned it on, shining light out over all of us.  Then she took it apart, and placed a small cloth between the 2 batteries, then screwed it together once again.

This time when she tried to turn it on, it didn't work.
She looked out at us all and said,
"Sin is just like that.  If we have "rags in our flashlight", we have no power to serve the Lord! 
But if we confess our sins...."
--and she then removed the rag, and waved the flashlight's beam over us--"we have His Power in our lives once more!"

Corrie and Betsy are two of the ones I want to meet first in heaven!  :)

God bless!