Jan (13 Nov 2010)
"To Robin--Re: Testimony of Hope"

Thank you so much for your courage in sharing what has to have been a difficult story to tell!

I rejoice with you in what God has done in your life! :)

I, too, was married twice, to emotionally-abusive men
(My Dad had been a "rage-a-holic"...a troubled, emotionally-abusive man who loved us, but couldn't control his anger)
They say you marry a man much like your Dad, as the role you saw your Mom play seems most "natural" somehow--and I think it was that way for me.

Scripturally divorced (infidelity, in the 1st; unwiillingness of an unbelieving partner to stay, in the 2nd) I spent 7 yrs as a single Mom, lonely, but trusting in our Lord....and being healed, emotionally, by Him. 
Meanwhile, in other State altogether, God was healing the emotional wounds of a man who was to bless me with the gift of his love.

'Long story, but lloking back, I can see that everything that happened "dove-tailed" ......
God had brought us together, and we knew it! 
We'd written before we'd actually met, face-to-face, and married a month later.

It's been a beautiful 18 1/2 years for us! :)

To be married to someone who loves our Lord with all his heart is a gift directly from Him---and one I've never forgotten to thank Him for! 
John is kind, gentle and "1 Cor:13 loving"---I am a blessed woman!

Have hope in the Lord--He often surprises us with joy!

Hugs, and hope to see you SOON!   Jan