Jan (13 Nov 2010)
"To Suz--and all Doves:   Re: Facecloth, and Shroud of Turin"

To Suzi and all Doves:
Suzi, thanks for your comments on this---

I agree----
I don't know about the "folding of the napkin" story (It could well be true?)

I do, however, believe that the Shroud of Turin is a "love letter" to us all, from our Lord, to
strengthen us in these end times.

Is it essential to my faith that it be the shroud of Jesus?  Of course not! 
Yet it is exciting, I think, to consider the means by which the image might have been made. 

Paint has been ruled out--
The image resembles most closely a scorch  ---
Made-- I think--- when our Lord arose with dunamis (dynamite!) power!

An excellent website to explore is www.shroud.com

If you're not too familiar with the research on this, this site has just about all of the research, photos, studies on the Shroud--and on the Edessa cloth, as well
(the facecloth Suzi mentions)

(good Edessa cloth info)

'Praying to see all of you SOON!