James Foo (26 Nov 2010)
"Visions of Korean War"

Dear John & Doves

Here is an extract  ( Hope this will not come to pass because is sad
and tragic )

I think this may have been posted in June 2010 ?

".... I saw North Korea's Army march up on South Korea's land.  The
Americans who are stationed or living there in South Korea were very
surprised at the Surprise Attack.  I witnessed first hand in the
vision of this happening.  It looked to me as though the Americans
thought North Korea would never do such a thing and then the look on
the Americans faces when the North Korea's Army was marching by foot
up to South Korea.  I looked back after the surprised attack and could
see from a distance the forests and trees on fire and could see smoke
and hear the bombs or attacks going on.  It was very frightful and
surprising.  Just thought I would share this.  YSIC  Jen  "

Link : http://www.hands-for-charity.de/index.php?page=vision-from-a-war-in-korea

Another Vision :

Extract :  (below)

Elliot Hong (17 June 2010)

"Re: Jen, Had a Vision Last Night"

Dear Jen and Doves:

I'm a Korean-American and in contact with many prayer warriors in my
homeland who are having similar visions and revelations from the Lord
as you had. I'm hearing that it'll occur very soon, but it'll be a
limited warfare for now rather than a full scale war, then the Rapture
will follow within a short period. The full scale war will occur in
late fall this year. Korea will play the important role for the
Kingdom of God at the end time, and that's why she will go through the
trials once again. Please pray for the Korean Church.

In Love of Yeshua Elliot

Letters from vision here

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